Syrians in occupied Golan commemorate Evacuation Day, vow to continue struggle against occupation

Quneitra – Commemorating the 72th anniversary of Evacuation Day (Syrian Independence Day, which marks the evacuation of French occupation forces from the country in 1946), the Syrian citizens in the occupied Syrian Golan stressed the continuation of struggle until all the occupied Syrian territories are liberated of occupation and terrorism, SANA reported.

In a statement issued on this occasion on Tuesday, the Syrian citizens in occupied Syrian Golan renewed adherence to the Arab identity and their belonging to their motherland, Syria, stressing that the occupied Golan will return to the Syrian sovereignty thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Army, the steadfastness of the Syrian people and wisdom of the leadership.

The statement added that the Independence Anniversary comes this year amidst celebrating the victory over the tripartite US-British-French aggression that comes back with different faces through supporting the terrorist organizations.