People of Occupied Syrian Golan Reject Occupation's Procedures to Hold "Local Councils" Elections

OCCUPIED SYRIAN GOLAN- In a provocative move that flagrantly violates Security Council resolutions and the international charters,  the Interior Minister of the Israeli occupation entity Arye Dery has announced preparations for holding the elections of the so-called “local councils” in the occupied Syrian Golan villages in October.

The people of the occupied Syrian Golan strongly rejected the new Israeli  occupation move and reiterated that such procedures are null and void and that they won't recognize them.

 They stressed adherence to their homeland and Arabism and affirmed that they will continue resisting all the Israeli attempts and decisions which aim to usurp their Syrian Arab identity.

Hassan Abou Fakher, one of the Golan locals, said "we will keep adherent to our Syrian Arab identity.  The occupation's decisions are of no value for us and all its plans to judaize and annex the Golan won't succeed.

Jadulkarim Naser, another Golan local, said "we reject all the occupation practices and we are against holding any elections in our villages".

"We will keep united against every Israeli scheme targeting the occupied Golan," he stressed.

The people of Golan repeatedly expressed their firm stance that occupied Golan is part and parcel of the land of Syria and that the Syrian identity will continue to be their eternal identity.

Hamda Mustafa