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People of Occupied Syrian Golan Stress al-Quds will Continue to be a Palestinian City

 QUNEITRA, (ST)- People of the occupied Syrian Golan have stressed that occupied al-Quds will continue to be a Palestinian city contrary to what the Zionists, the Americans and their agents in the region want.

In a statement during a solidarity stand organized on Monday at Sultan Pasha al-Atrash Square in Majdal Shams village to protest US president's decision to recognize al-Quds as the capital of the Israeli occupation entity, the people of Golan said "the enemy's conspiracy against al-Quds won't pass, because those who don't possess don't have the right to give what they don't have to those who don't deserve."

 "Today, like in the past, the American imperialism exposes its ugly aggressive face to our nation and our central cause; the cause of occupied Palestine," the statement added.

"We, in the occupied Syrian Golan, will continue to support occupied Palestine and the resistant Palestinian people until it is liberated and until the Palestinian refugees retune to their original homeland," the statement also said.

It affirmed that Palestine is the compass and any other conflict will only serve the Zionist enemy.

The people of the occupied Syrian Golan will keep loyal to their victorious homeland, army and leader and will continue to support Palestine and the Palestinian people's right to establish of an independent Palestinian state with al-Quds as a capital.

Hamda Mustafa