Syrian Army's Victory over Takfir Terrorism Inevitable: Sidqi al-Maqt

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Dean of Syrian and Arab captives in the Israeli occupation jails Sidqi al-Maqt  has renewed his confidence in the Syrian Arab army's inevitable victory over takfiri terrorism, in the liberation of the entire Syrian soil and in the restoration of security to Syria.

In a message from inside his prison in Negev in the occupied Palestinian territories, al-Maqt congratulated the Syrian people, army and leadership on Eid al-Adha hoping that peace will prevail soon across Syria.

 He said he would like to hug every soldier of the hero Syrian army and every honest Syrian to congratulate them on the victories of the army over takfiri terrorists, stressing the determination of the Syrian prisoners in the Israeli jails to continue their struggle until they win freedom.

On his part, Chairman of the Committee for Supporting Syrian Detainees and Liberated Prisoners in the Israeli jails Ali al-Younes called on international law organizations to assume their responsibilities and to pressure the authorities of the Zionist entity as to release all the Syrian prisoners and detainees from the occupation's jails.

Hamda Mustafa