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Zionist Occupation Plans to Build Field Hospital in Occupied Syrian Golan to Provide Treatment for Terrorists

OCCUPIED Al-QUDS, (ST)- The Zionist occupation plans to build a new field hospital in the occupied Syrian Golan to provide medical treatment to injured members of terrorist organizations in Syria, an Israeli occupation officer revealed on Wednesday.

Many facts have appeared about the volume of coordination and cooperation between the terrorist organizations in Syria and the Zionist enemy, starting with the meetings of the so-called "Syrian opposition figures" with Zionists and their appearing on Zionist media, mutual messages between the two sides, opening the Israeli hospitals widely to injured terrorists not to mention the Israeli support for the terrorist groups through supplying them with weapons and sophisticated military equipments.

 AFP quoted  the Israeli officer as saying that "the hospital will be built on the Syrian side of the fence, but at the Israeli side of the separation line."

He acknowledged that the Zionist entity has provided medical treatment to more than 3000 injured terrorists.

Last month, the American Wall Street Journal  unveiled that the Israeli occupation has provided all forms of support to terrorists in the southern area of Syria and it has secretly armed and funded them and ensured to them food, medical and fuel supplies.

Hamda Mustafa