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Struggle Will Continue until Entire Occupied Syrian Golan Is Liberated

DAMASCUS, (ST)- The Popular Commission for the Liberation of Golan has stressed that struggle will continue until the entire occupied Syrian Golan is liberated and that the fight against terrorism will never stop till it is completely defeated.

In a statement marking the 43rd anniversary of liberating Quneitra and the 11th anniversary for the commission's establishment, the commission reiterated that "Syria's strength and immunity will increase given the steadfastness of the Syrian people side by side with the resistance axis and the support of the country's true friends."

 The commission asserted that the independent Syrian decision is the right decision that preserves the state's sovereignty and enhances the option of unity and steadfastness in the face of division schemes.

"The Liberation of Quneitra Day is an eternal day in Syria's history of struggle and it is an announcement that victory in coming, that Golan will return and that the only option to restore the usurped rights is resistance," the statement said.

The Syrians celebrate the anniversary of liberating Quneitra from the Israeli occupation on June 26. Late leader Hafez Al-Assad raised the Syrian Flag over the liberated city in 1974.

Hamda Mustafa