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Syrian Freedom Fighter Sidqi al-Maqt Vows to Continue Struggle against Occupation and Its Mercenaries

QUNEITRA, (ST)- Sidqi al-Maqt, Dean of the Syrian and Arab Prisoners in the Israeli occupation jails, has stressed his determination to continue the struggle from inside the prison cell against the occupation and its mercenaries from  Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists. He stressed loyalty to his homeland, Syria, and to Syria's steadfast people and legendary army led by President Bashar Al-Assad.

 In a message of which SANA office In Quneitra received a copy on Saturday, Al-Maqt  refuted the accusations made by the Israeli occupation against him, affirming that they were void and against the reality on ground which provides clear-cut proof about coordination and cooperation between the Zionist entity's authorities and the terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra.

The Syrian freedom fighter described the Israeli trial against him as a comic play performed secretly behind closed doors and was based on secret reports that included fabricated accusations in a desperate attempt to hide the details of the Israeli occupation's involvement in supporting the terror groups in Syria.

He saluted the Syrian national media outlets for their efforts in uncovering the Israeli support for terrorism in Syria.

Hamda Mustafa