UN General Assembly Adopts Resolution Demanding Zionist Occupation to Withdraw from Syrian Golan

NEW YORK– The UN General Assembly, once again, adopted a resolution demanding the Israeli occupation to withdraw from the whole occupied Syrian Golan to the line of June 4th, 1967 in accordance with UN Security Council relevant resolutions, SANA reported.

In a resolution titled the Syrian Golan which was proposed under the item the state in the Middle East, the UNGA condemned Israel’s non-obedience till now to the Security Council resolution No. 497 for 1981, stressing that Israel’s decision issued on December 14th, 1981 to impose its laws, administration and custody on the occupied Syrian Golan is null and void which has no legality at all.

 The UNGA resolution, which was adopted by overwhelming majority, reaffirmed the basic principle of disallowing seizing territories by force, in light of the internal law, the UN Charter and Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians during war in the occupied Syrian Golan.

During the UNGA session, a number of states condemned the Israeli practices in the occupied Syrian Golan, calling on Israel to withdraw from Golan into the line of June 4th, 1967.

37 states proposed the draft resolution that stresses the big support to the issue of restoring the occupied Syrian Golan to the line of June 4, 1967.