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Occupation Authorities Prevent 40 Dentists from Occupied Golan to Take Part in Conference in Damascus

QUNEITRA, (ST)-The Israeli occupation authorities have prevented more than 40 dentists from occupied Syrian Golan to take part in the activities of the 18th International Scientific Conference of the Dentists' Syndicate.

The procedure confirms the occupation's aggressive and arbitrary policy against the people of occupied Golan.

 Saleh Farhat, Head of the Dentists Section in the occupied Syrian Golan, said in a statement of which SANA  got a copy on Monday that the occupation's act of preventing Golan's dentists from participating in the conference will strengthen their determination to continue resisting and struggling against occupation until the entire occupied Golan is liberated.

"Holding the Dentists' conference in Damascus in this era and under the current difficult circumstances is a clear evidence that Syria will continue to be the cradle of civilizations and Minaret of the East," Farhat added.

The 18th International Scientific Conference of the Dentists' Syndicate kicked off on Saturday in Damascus with the participation of more than 4000 dentists. It is due to conclude today.

The Israeli occupation persists in its aggressive practices against the steadfast people of Golan. On November 2, the Israeli occupation extended the house arrest of prisoner Bashira Mahmoud and postponed her trial to November 23, 2016.

Hamda Mustafa