Occupation Authorities Release Syrian Detainee Bashira Mahmoud

OCCUPIED SYRIAN GOLAN, (ST)- the Israeli occupation authorities on Sunday released Syrian detainee Bashira Mahmoud who was arrested almost a year ago for her participation in intercepting an Israeli ambulance carrying wounded Jabhat al-Nursa terrorists for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

 Local sources told SANA reporter in Quneitra that the occupation authorities had sentenced Bashira Mahmoud to 18 months in prison, but she was released today to complete her sentence under house arrest.

In June, 2015, a group of hero locals from the occupied Syrian Golan intercepted an Israeli occupation ambulance carrying two wounded terrorists affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra terror group on Mount Hermon-Majdal Shams road. The operation resulted in the killing of the two terrorists. As a result, the occupation forces launched random arrest campaign in Majdal Shams town and accused Bashira Mahmoud and another 22 years old resident Amal Abu Saleh of killing one of the two terrorists.

Hamda Mustafa