UNSC Renews Rejection to Recognize Zionist Occupation's Annexation of Syrian Golan Heights

UNITED NATIONS, (ST)- The International Security Council on Tuesday renewed its rejection to recognize the Israeli occupation's annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan, expressing concern over Israeli officials' remarks on perpetuating the occupation of Syrian lands.

AFP reported that the Security Council's 15 member states stressed that Golan status will remain unchanged.

  "The Israeli decision to annex Golan and impose its laws on it is “null and void” in accordance with the United Nations Security Council resolution 497 which was unanimously adopted on December 17, 1981," announced President of the Security Council, Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi.

UNSC Resolution No. 497 of 1981 declares that “the Israeli Law on Golan Heights, which annexed the Golan Heights, is null and void and without international legal effect”, and it further calls on “Israel” to rescind its action.

The Chinese Ambassador pointed out that the Security Council repeated its call for attaining a "just, comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East".

The Syrian Arab Republic has recently condemned the Israeli occupation government's provocative behavior of holding a meeting in the occupied Syrian Golan and stressed that the meeting was categorically void, urging the United Nations and the Security Council to immediately interfere as to condemn holding this irresponsible meeting and ask the occupation government not to repeat such behavior, particularly because it is done on an occupied Syrian territory.

Hamda Mustafa