People of Occupied Golan Reiterate Adherence to Syrian Identity, Condemn Terrorists’ Massacres in Syria

OCCUPIED GOLAN, (ST)-The people of the occupied Syrian Golan have reiterated that they are adherent to their Syrian identity and that they won’t accept to replace it with any other identity. They have also affirmed their steadfastness and resistance till the Israeli occupation comes to an end and the Syrian usurped lands are restored.

In a statement yesterday following a demonstration they organized in Majdal Shams town to condemn the terrorists crimes against the Syrians, the people of Golan affirmed that the Syrians have over ages been adherent to human values and to the unity of destiny and existence of all components of the Syrian people.

 “The Syrians are now proving to the whole world that they are united against terrorism, international aggression, sedition and division, because Syria is the homeland of human values and diversity,” the Golanese said.

They expressed their full confidence in the people of Jabal al-Arab in Sweidaa province who are supporting and rallying behind the Syrian Arab Army and resistance against the takfiris and the Zionist enemy which keeps feeding sedition and supporting  terrorists with arms, training and medical treatment.

The people of Golan condemned the massacre committed by foreign-backed Takfiri terrorists against the innocent locals of Qal Louzeh town in Idleb, asserting that this crime isn’t different from the rest of the terrorists’ atrocities in other Syrian areas.

They stressed that “the aggressive terrorist takfiri war led by the colonialists in the West, the Zionists, the Turkish regime and some Arab tools against Syria target all the governorates of the homeland.”

They reiterated that Jabal al-Arab will continue to be strong and its people will keep defending Syria along with the army until terrorism is completely eliminated.

Earlier, hundreds of Golanese organized a demonstration at Sultan Basha al-Atrash Square in the town of Majdal Shams to condemn the heinous massacres committed by the terrorist organizations against innocent people in Syria.

  Sheikh Atef Sha’lan called for rallying around the Syrian Army, stressing cohesion between the army and the people.

Liberated captive Yousef Shams hailed the victories achieved by the Syrian army, pointing out that the conspiracy hatched against Syria to fragment and weaken the country has failed thanks to the cohesion between the Syrian people, army and leadership.


Hamda Mustafa