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Popular Commission for Liberating Occupied Golan Stresses Continuous Struggle to Eradicate Terrorism, Achieve Victory

DAMASCUS, (ST)-The Popular Commission for the Liberation of the occupied Syrian Golan has stressed that it will keep working to defend the homeland and confront the takfiri terrorist forces as to help Syria restore its role in leading the Arab struggle to achieve complete victory over aggression forces.

In a statement marking the 69th anniversary of Syria’s Independence Day, the Commission said “the celebrations on Independence come this year as Syria is still facing the most heinous global terrorist war led by takfiri forces aiming at destroying the Syrian state and undermining its leading resistant role. This war also aims to protect the Zionist entity, prolong the Israeli occupation of the Arab territories and perpetuate the Zionist hegemony on the region within the framework of an American scheme based on killing and destruction.”

 “On April 17th, 1946, the Syrian people won their national independence following several revolutions and after they offered a lot of martyrs whose sacrifices led to expelling the French colonialism, achieving independence and laying the foundation for building new Syria, the main founder of the Arab liberation movement and the staunch supporter of resistance against colonialist schemes in the region,” the commission added.

It saluted the steadfast people of the occupied Syrian Golan and all who contributed to winning national independence, expressing its faith in Syria’s victory over terrorism and in the accomplishment of complete liberation of occupied Syrian lands under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Hamda Mustafa