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Warm Winter

About 19000 Syrian Arab citizens live in five villages in north of Golan at the top of Alshikh Mountain.

Those villages reach about 1350 Meters above sea level such as Majdal Shames, and have long cold snowy winter in January, February and march.

The Syrians of Golan used to meet together near their heaters, talking about their stories and memories of living in occupied Syrian Golan.


They remember warm stories before the occupation and don’t forget their land.

Our Golan grandparents built their home to be suitable to the hard long winter, so you can see that the entrance of any old building will be oriented toward the south (against the sun), and you can also see that any building was built from thick stones (70-80 cm) with mud-hay layer from inside to keep the warm temperature inside the building.

People there told us that the cold winter gives them warm hearts and energy to defend their Syrian ID.

 Firas Taleb

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Translated by Maher Taki