Governor of Quneitra says to (al-Watan) newspaper: Priorities to secure the governorate and take care of citizens

Quneitra, (ST) – The mess and the security chaos that happened in the governorate at the hands of armed terrorists groups and the suffering of citizens are treated quickly by the governorate, Governor of Quneitra Ahmad Sheikh Abdul Kader asserted to al-Watan daily.

The Governor spoke about the victories that Syrian army is achieving in the governorate against the terrorists groups.

 Abdul Kader mentioned the victories of Syrian Army against terrorist and Takfiri groups in al-Baath city and Khan Arnaba, and said that the Syrian army moved from defense to attacking position against terrorism to liberate the villages near al-Baath city such as al-Hamadia, western Samdania, al-Alam squire and alMaabar “Crossing” and then to liberate all of the occupied Golan from Zionist occupation.

The governor condemned the Israeli occupation support to al-Qaeda affiliated armed terrorist groups on the liberated side of Syrian Golan.

The Syrian citizen is the indicator, care’s center and the engine for any governmental effort and aims, he explained.

The door of his office is opened for any person, and he is ready to listen to any complaint, he added.

He replaced the agriculture and central bakery directors after some sudden inspection field tours there, the governor declared.

He praised the security agencies and the policemen in keeping safety status in the governorate especially in al-Baath city and Khan Arnaba.

Translated by Maher Taki