The Identity

Al- Sweida governorate has witnessed recently at its Educational Theater a special ceremony for honoring the distinguished director Ghassan Shmait for his movie the Identity.

The event which was organized by the Administrative Council for al- Golan Sons Association came within the activities of Shahba Festival for Heritage.

 The movie which was produced by the General Institution for Cinema aimed at presenting a national message on our Syrians brothers' continued struggle against the Israeli enemy in the occupied Syrian Golan.

During the event and in his statement on the film the director Ghassan Shmait said that the movie talks about our Syrians brothers ' suffering in the occupied Golan. it also talked about the suffering of our Palestinian brothers.

The director also added that the film is taken from a real story which took place in our beloved Golan. The story happened during the Israeli enemy's bids regarding imposing the Israeli identity on our Syrians brothers in the occupied Golan.

He also said that the movie reflected our brothers adherence by their Syrian nationality through their complete rejection of the Israeli identity.

The story of the film was written by scenarist Ghassan Shmait who is also the director of the movie in cooperation with the writer Wafik Yosouf.

The events of the film took place in the territories of the occupied Golan and its plot focused on our Syrians brothers' steadfastness. the movie focused on the daily life of the Syrians farmers. it is also concentrated on  their adherence by their Syrian lands and nationality.

“the film depended on reflecting the spiritual dimension, namely in the Syrians farmers close relationship with their lands and their homeland Syria”. The director also said, adding that the humanitarian principles of justice, beauty, equality and man's legislative right to live in dignity topped the movie's plot.

The scenarist also gave priority for the film's key role in revealing the barbaric perpetration of the Israeli enemy Against the Syrians and the Palestinians in the occupied territories of Syria and Palestine.

There is also a psychological dimension in the movie related to the existence of man on earth and his trip to explore his self and existence.

The actors of the films are Qais al- Shiekh Najeeb, Salma al- Massry, Mjed Fudda, Sawsan Ersheed, Abidualrahman Abdulqassim and other yrians actors. The movie 's language is a distinguished one due to its high technique and spiritual references.

Its note worthy that the film gained more than one international awards, including the first award of Tatwan Festival for Cinema  for the Mediterranean States, and the Mustafa al- Aqad award in the Iranian International Festival of Fajer.

Nahla maaz