Golan Uniform

Golan Bedouins Sheikhs clans are still wearing the traditional uniform and they are proud of it, because it has has many significances and means.

The uniform consists of head dress and body dress.

The head dress consists of three parts: 1- al Eqaal, 2- al Baoal (kind of cloth), 3- al Hattah or al Shoura, 4- al Esaba (made from silk and golden strings).

 The body dress from inside to outside consists of: 1- white silk dress, 2-  al Zoboun, 3- al Abaah (made of Kashmiri wool), 4- al Roudnieh (kind of wide belt use as gun and knife pocket).

Al Eqaal means Equality between rich and the poor persons.

The white Shoura means white flag, the people use it during conciliations.

Feras Taleb

Edited &Translated: Maher Taki