Golan people mark 41st anniversary of October War

OCCUPIED GOLAN, (ST)_People of the Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan staged Monday a stand marking the 41st anniversary of the October 6 war of liberation and denounced the twin terrorist blasts that targeted a school complex in Ekrema quarter in Homs city.

The participants set off from Sultan Basha al-Atrash square in the heart of occupied city of Majdal Shams towards martyrs' monument in the city where they laid wreaths on the monument.

They carried the national flag and pictures for President Bashar al-Assad, shouting slogans in support of the homeland and President al-Assad.

 Sedqi al-Maqt, a former prisoner in the Israeli jails, hailed Syria's steadfastness and the heroic achievements made in October War 1973, stressing that Syrians will achieve victory over terrorism.  

Syria is still defending the Arab rights and dignity against the West-backed Israeli war machine.   


Basma Qaddour