Golan will remain Syrian Arab territory

The Zionist entity is still attempting to obliterate and suppress the reality and deceiving the world that the issue of Golan is terminated after annexing it to the state of Israel, which will stay an oppressive occupation and entity based on the occupation of others’ lands.

 The world is asking the Zionist entity to commit to the international legitimacy resolutions related to the Arab-Israeli issue.


After the aggression of the 5th June 1967, the Zionist entity occupied the Arab Syrian Golan heights then the Knesset issued a decision of annexing the Golan to the entity. However, this decision is null and void because members of the international community didn’t recognize it and considered it as invalid and they are still insisting on Arabism of Golan and its belonging to Syria.

The Zionist entity is still defying the international legitimacy resolutions and insisting that the Golan is not Arab Syrian territory, but the entity is greatly deluded.

The Zionist entity exerted all kinds of extremism, ethnicity, hatred and terrorism. Any decision issued by the Knesset will not abolish the Arabism of the Syrian Golan.

Back to the near past, we will remember the uprising of the Golan people to announce their adherence to the Syrian entity and denying the Israeli one. In this action, the Golanese  gained respect and appreciation of the of the world and presented and evidence that Golan is a Syrian land.

Some western media means tried to describe the uprising as a kind of simple protest and that the Israeli government was able to enclose and embarrass the protest. Nonetheless, the true belonging of the Golanese to their homeland, Syria, and their deeply rooted in it became visible to the world.    

 Written by Fers al-Taleb

Translated by O. al-Mohammad