The Golan will return sooner or later

Throughout the ages, the Zionists remained thinking that they have the right to control the whole world because the Jews, as the Zionists alleged, didn’t leave any spot of land without having a foothold.

The Zionists want the world to believe in this fabrication; they alleged that they have right in Palestine which they call the homeland and they intend to construct the Temple Mount on the wreck of the blessed al-Aqsa mosque. Now, the blatant and flagrant Israeli diggings try to reach the basis of the mosque to remove it from its roots. However the Zionists’ deception will lead to catastrophe because the Arabs and the Muslims won't stand arms crossed in front of the flagrant Israeli aggression on al-Aqsa mosque.

After three days of Golan’s occupation in 1967, the Zionists began an illegal campaign of excavation in Golan territories. Their mass media began boasting and announcing the beginning of exploring the so-called “archaeological treasures” in Banias, al-Himma, Fiq, Rjm Fiq, al-Aal, Khisfin and other archaeological sites and hills. The excavation operation didn’t lead to the Zionists’ hoped result, thus the world know the falsification and invalidity of the Israeli allegations.

As an expression of the great hostility of the Zionists and their great failure in obtaining just little sign proving their invalid allegations, the Israeli occupation forces demolished many archaeological sites. For example, the destroyed ruins in the villages of Bedros and Deir al-Raheb refers to the Zionists perpetration.

The Zionists didn’t yield to the defeat, they complete inspecting and excavating. They find their demand in the remaining of some explored architectures which they have seen as rectangular, thinking that it will help them in presenting the evidence, but they failed again because the historical scientific facts proved the invalidity of their alleges.

The Zionists faced thunderous slaps in the sites of Kherbet al-Daliya, al-Dwara- Deir al-Azizat.

The Golan is part of the Arab Middle East region, which is the cradle of civilizations throughout the history. Many cities and civilizations melted in the history of the region (Aramids and Kinanis) and many Mamaliks (Jishour mamlaka – Damascus mamlaka) were founded in the Golan.

The findings of the archaeological sites in the occupied Syrian Golan proved that the Golan will remain Syrian Arab region in spite of the fact that the Zionists didn’t have at all any realistic presence in all Jewish ages. The Golan will return sooner or later to its homeland, Syria.

Firas Talib

Edited& Translated by I. Abdulkareem.