Golan - Everlasting Grandeur

The charm and enchantment of Golan are ubiquitous because it has a long story to confabulate. Golan is a treasure-trove in the eye of the beholder.

 From long plains to the hilly plateau embrace the sun in the day and observe the scintillating moon at night. Golan birds lovingly flock together chirping and tweeting the finest melodious tunes and moving from one tree to another leaving behind a trail of memorable stories.

Tree leaves maintain an intrinsic feeling of belonging to this pure and cherished land. Water flowing through the creeks of Golan simply made the shepherds flutes play the most attractive and rewarding tunes as they graze their herds on the pastureland where we see an organic nexus between the Golan man and the soil to which he strongly belongs.

Golan had taught man the true meaning of belonging and attachment where he would not cede an inch of the land but vows to return it to motherland Syria.

Many researchers affirm that Golan constitutes a unique phenomenon in the world. It is widely known that the relatively small area of the governorate of Qunaitra occupies a spacious place in the hearts and minds of the Syrians because it symbolizes the great victory which Syria achieved during the 1973 war under the leadership of  the late president Hafez al Assad.

The northern part of the region is a mountain range that rises to a peak of 2882 m at Mount Hermon and the temperature in Golan fluctuates where it ranges between 14 C below zero in January at Mount Hermon to over 20 C in the same day in occupied Hema.

Such variation in temperature made the Golan land giving and hospitable yielding crunch crops such as apples, citrus, olives and vegetables.

Golan still has one motto to vocalize which is the looming day of returning to Syria. Syria will always remain the motherland of sun and dignity.

Firas Taleb

E.T by Mamoun Abdin