Resistance is Dignity

Resistance is not a casual incident in Golan life or a summer cloud that weathers away leaving no marks. Had resistance been of such a trait, it would not have won a groundswell of love in the hearts and minds of all.

It is no hyperbole to say that resistance has a great momentum and an intricate equation that can not be easily cracked the reason of which is the nation`s vitality and vivid youth.

Such an elixir revived the nation`s image and is considered an important factor in maintaining its power because it will not degenerate into a geriatric phase but will keep on a ever- growing energy.

The people of Golan, proud of these values remained undaunted by challenges, are dignified when they fought the usurper and his killing machine and would not rest because they are equipped with strong faith in Allah.

People and flora of occupied Golan are determined to opt for resistance as their lifeline. Such a conviction has become a deep rooted tree whose fruits are victory to be achieved in the near future. The deep-rooted tree along with sublime branches reaching the upper firmament narrate a story of the people who categorically reject subjugation.

The Israeli aggressor tried to stifle the spirit of resistance of the Golan people who manifested their un- malleable perseverance that would be aggrandized in the face of the Zionist aggression.

The occupier used all means of terror to extinguish the cauldron of resistance but to no avail. The Syrian Arab people in Golan and everywhere in Syria are the epitome of righteousness and defense of land. The ultimate belief of resistance of the Golan people made them rise up against those tyrants to bode ill for the Israeli occupation and herald the imminent eviction from our beloved Golan which represents a beacon of right.

Our yearning for Golan is long overdue but the rendez -vous is coming soon to embrace Golan into Syria which kowtows to none but to Allah.

Firas Taleb

E.T by Mamoun Abdin