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Our Hearts Are Set On The Golan Returning

“Golan is close to heart” is not an expression that could easily trip off the tongue of Syrians, since it leaves an impressive huge impact in every cell of their body that has grown on the Golan love, having a firm belief that it is an integrated part of Syria; moreover that his return to Syria breast is no doubt foreseeable.

When analyzing the current political situation , which the Arab nation is going through,  we are firmly convinced that it is based on imbalance and inaccuracy, and we should shift to another case that does not allow error. The state of division, fragmentation and indifference to dangers targeting the Arab nation tunes in disharmony with  the Arab unity song, which we have learnt by heart since early childhood, and we will continue to sing as long as we are alive on this land, moreover our children and grandchildren will memorize too after us.

This situation in spite of what it holds of deep pain that has a  negative effect in each and  every one conscience; could not have absolute control of us since we did not lose our certainty that it is a fleeting state that will soon be gone and erased from memory. As we will someday come back to our original springs, those aging on the lees, making us absolutely certain that we are one Arab nation that does not keep in silent acquiescence on grievance and does not succumb to woes. We are a nation able to liberate every inch of its occupied territory no matter how long it takes.

Yes these springs are running in our veins, reassuring us that pure water is constantly regenerated. That is the Elixir of the power inherent in our souls, the secret that has consistently given us amazing vigor to face throughout history hordes of invaders making them submissively fall on their backs.


Looking  at the spiritual state leading our actual movement on ground, you will as expected find it above the heart.  While watching the serenity of this scene, we realize that the river that was once rumbling and flowing, has continued to brawl and flow, within the landscape we see the Golan close to heart. There firmness shows more vim and vigor, recalling Return anthem, boding Golan’s return. 

When we heard all the tendentious talk about that river of firmness being threatened of depletion, we fear for the spirits that once offered blood. Therefore, we emphasize that every propaganda of such discourse is false, because the Golan is in our hearts from us to us, announcing his return to his mother Syria.

Firas Taleb

Edited & translated by: Lama Al-Hassanieh