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Sidqi al-Maqt

After 27 years of captivity and  in an  atmosphere of  exceptional  festivity , the town of Majdal Shams in the occupied Golan  Heights  has embraced its captive  son Sidqy  al-Maqt.

Majdal Shams had organized a national festival which was attended by crowds  from all the Golan Heights' villages and in the presence of a large number of  liberated prisoners and members of the Association of Arab prisoners.

The  administration  of Israeli Prisons has intended to  release the captive  al- Maqt at five o'clock in the morning from al-Gilboa Shatta  prison fearing that he will get a  terrific reception befitting a hero like him . But the Israeli authorities did not succeed in this plan because our people in the Golan Heights  had  prepared a special celebration befitting Sidky al-Maqt.

At the reception in August, 2012, al-Maqt delivered a speech through which he greeted the crowds , hoisting  the  pictures of  his two comrades, the martyr Hayel Abu Zeid and  the martyr Seitan al-weli. Sidqi al-Maqt also telegraphed his greetings to his fellow prisoners in the  Israeli jails , wishing  that they will get their freedom soon .

The  Syrian prisoner Sidqi Suleiman al-Maqt was  born in April 16, 1967 in  the town of Majdal Shams in the occupied Syrian Golan  Heights. He finished his  primary school in the village , while he completed his preparatory and secondary schools in Masada village.

Sidqi al-Maqt  with the participation of group of his comrades such  as Medhat Saleh, the  martyr Seitan al-Weli , the martyr Hayel Bouzid and his  comrades Asim al-Weli and Bishr al-Maqt, had  established " The Secret Resistance Movement ". Sidqi and his comrades had participated in all the  resistance's operations , where they were able to monitor  the Israeli military posts  scattered  in the Occupied Syrian Golan Heights. In addition, al-Maqt had participated  with many of his comrades in bombing the Israeli camp near the village of Buqata .

On the night of 23.08.1985 and after 12 days  of the arresting of his brother Bishr al-Maqt ,  Sidqi was arrested by the Israeli military authorities  on  the charge of resisting the occupation . On the twentieth of May 1986, the Israeli Military Court in Allad  city had sentenced unfair judgment against Sidqi and he spent  27 years in the Israeli jails.

During his  trial in  the Israeli court,  Sidqi and his comrades refused to stand to  the military judge and  they reject  to confess the legitimacy of this  injustice trial .

In his speech in front of the  lawyers and the military court judge ,  Sidqi al-Maqt said : "You occupied my land , and it is my right to defend it and resist you , I  do not admit  the legitimacy of your court."

Sidqi  al-Maqt and  nine of his comrades were expelled outside  the court because they sang  the Syrian Arab anthem " Homata al-Deyar."
During the years of his captivity , al-Maqt participated in many  activities concerning the  human rights  of the captives in the Israeli prisons . Al-Maqt was  considered one of the symbols of the national movement of the prisoners in the Israeli jails.