Syrian expatriates condemn US-led coalition's aggression on Syrian army position

The Forum for Syria, the Syrian Community in Hungary, the Expatriates Association and Syrian Students in Romania have condemned the US-led coalition's aggression on a Syrian army position in Der Ezzour province. 

The Forum and the community in Hungary said in a statement released yesterday that the aggression is conclusive evidence of the United States' unwillingness to end the crisis in Syria.

Forum for Syria condemns Turkey's aggression on Syrian territory

The Forum for Syria and the Syrian Community in Hungary have denounced Turkey's blatant aggression on the Syrian territories, stressing that the aggression ignores the international law and breaches Syria's sovereignty.

They said in a statement released Wednesday that the acts of the Ottoman government are similar to that of the United States which invades the sovereign states without UN approval.

The members and leader of the forum expressed regret over the United Nation's negative stance towards the Turkish aggression on the Syrian territories.

"The aggression aims to replace terrorist organizations with other terrorist organizations and to reshuffle the cards in order to hinder the political solution to the crisis in Syria," the statement said, calling on the Turkish regime to stop its aggression and its support for terrorism.

Syrian expats held concert in Lattakia city in support of Syrian army's steadfastness

Last Thursday, the visiting Syrian expatriates delegation and the Baath Arab Socialist Party's Lattakia branch held a concert at the theater of Dar al-Assad in Lattakia city to show support for the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army in fighting terrorism.

The concert included dances and plays performed by children reflecting the cultural diversity of the Syrian people, according to the official news agency (SANA).

Celebration in Kiev to mark Syrian army's Day

The Syrian Community in Ukraine has held a celebration to mark the 71st anniversary of the Syrian Arab army's foundation.

The celebration held Sunday in Kiev began with standing a minute of silence for the Syrian soldiers martyred in Syria.

Then several speeches were delivered by a member of the Syrian community, the first Secretary in the Syrian Embassy in Kiev, the Head of the Board of Directors of the community and the Head of the Syrian-Ukrainian Friendship Association.

Forum for Syria, Syrian community in Hungary stress Syrian army is worthy of respect

The Forum for Syria and the Syrian community in Hungary have reiterated that the Syrian army is an example of sacrifice for defending the homeland.

They expressed pride in the victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab army against the foreign-backed terrorist organizations.

"Our army has dedicated itself to defend each grain of the homeland and it is worthy of respect and appreciation," the forum and the community said in a statement released yesterday on the occasion of the Syrian army Day.