Syrian, Russian Communities in Italy Protest Erdogan’s Support for Terrorist Organizations in Syria

ROME, (ST)- The Syrian and Russian communities in Italy as well as the European Solidarity Front for Syria and other organizations yesterday staged a sit-in in front of the Turkish Embassy in Rome protesting Recepe Tayyib Erdogan’s support for the terrorist organizations in Syria.

The participants raised the Syrian, Russian and Italian flags and extended their greetings to President Bashar Al-Assad and the Russian President Vladimir Putin for their efforts to fight the terrorism which has been supported by the U.S, by European countries and by some agent Arab regimes to destroy Syria.

Protestors condemned the support being provided by the Turkish regime led by Erdogan to the terrorist organizations in Syria and slammed the Turkish aggressive act of downing the Russian jet fighter SU-24 in Syria.

Syrian Students Rally outside Russian Embassies in Several Countries to Thank Russia for Backing Syria’s War on Terrorism

CAPITALS, (ST)- The Syrian students in several countries around the world rallied outside the Russian embassies in these countries as to thank Russia for supporting Syria in its war against foreign-backed takfiri terrorism.

The participants carried pictures of Presidents Bashar Al-Assad and Vladimir Putin in addition to placards on which phrases expressing appreciation for the Russian supportive stances towards Syria in the confrontation of terrorism were written.

Syrians in Hungary and Cyprus express gratitude for Russia’ participation in fighting terrorism in Syria

Budapest - Hungarian Youth Association, the “Forum for Syria” and the Syrian community in Hungary organized on Sunday a solidarity activity in front of the Russian Embassy in the Hungarian capital of Budapest to express backing Russia’s military support to Syria in fighting terrorism.

Deputy Chairman of “Forum for Syria” in Hungary, Mazen al-Maqet, asserted that the Syrian people will not forget Russia’s stances in Security Council and the United Nations, mainly its stance when the west, under the leadership of the United States, loomed on conducting a direct military assault against Syria in 2013, SANA reported.

“Syrian Antiquities Heritage of humanity" Exhibition

CARACAS, (ST) _ In cooperation with the Ministries of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs and Culture, the Syrian embassy in Caracas yesterday opened a photographs exhibition entitled "Treasures of the Syrian Antiquities, heritage of humanity", at Hugo Chavez gallery, in Caracas.

The exhibition includes photographs of the Syrian archaeological sites before and after being sabotaged by armed terrorist organizations, resulted in complete destruction of certain archaeological sites as well as other artistic works symbolically reflect the destruction suffered by the Syrian antiquities.

"Hands off Syria" Initiative Deplores US policy

PRAGUE, (ST) _ Activists of the "Hands off Syria" initiative called for a demonstration today (Sunday) evening before the US embassy in Prague in protest of the US policy towards Syria.

Initiative activist, "Marketa Vhehlichova" said that demonstration is dedicated for voicing solidarity with the Syrian army, who is fighting terrorism, to criticize Western sanctions imposed on Syria, which negatively affected the lives of civilians in Syria and protest against the US continued support for terrorists, designated as "moderate opposition".