Italian delegation condemns foreign-backed terror war on Syria

Last Thursday, a delegation representing the Syrian community in Italy and the EU Commission for defending Syria as well as the 'Solidale' Organization visited Homs province and condemned the foreign-backed terror aggression on Syria.

The visit was madeat the request of the EU commission , which was formed five years ago in more than 20 countries to stand by the Syria people in confronting terrorism, Head of the Syrian community in Italy Dr. Jamal Abo abbas said during a meeting with the head of the Executive Bureau in Homs Governorate Eng. Dommar al-Ali.

Syrians Students in Slovakia: Countries Supporting Terrorism in Syria Are Responsible for Deir Ezzor‘s Village Massacre

BRATISLAVA, (ST)- Syrian students in Slovakia have strongly condemned the heinous massacre committed two days ago by Daesh terrorists against the locals of al-Bghailiye village in Deir Ezzor’s western countryside and which claimed the lives of some 300 people. The students have affirmed that the countries supporting terrorists in Syria are responsible for this massacre.

The branch of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in Slovakia said in a statement, of which SANA got a copy on Sunday, that “this massacre once again affirms the barbarity of the takfiri terrorist organizations which are perpetrating most horrible crimes against innocent Syrian people.”

Syrians in Italy Condemn ISIL’s Massacre against Locals of Village in Deir Ezzor


ROME, (ST)- The Syrian Community in Italy condemned the savage massacre committed by ISIL terrorist organization against the locals of al-Bghailiye village in Deir Ezzor’s western countryside claiming the lives of some 300 people.

In a statement, of which SANA got a copy on Sunday, members of the community held the countries, which keep supporting terrorism and providing the takfiri terrorists with every necessary financial and military help, responsible for the crime. They pointed out that “this massacre won’t prevent the Syrian people and army from carrying on their battle to uproot the terrorist takfiri gangs from the homeland.”

Syrian student wins fountain design contest for Lubyanka Square in Moscow

Moscow – The Syrian student Edris Ali Suleiman won an architectural engineering contest to choose the best fountain design for a square in the Russian capital Moscow.

The third year student at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia was awarded for his fountain design for Lubyanka Square in Moscow that is about 900 m north east of Red Square, SANA reported.

Forum for Syria in Hungary Condemns Terrorist Organizations’ Crimes against Civilians in Syria

BUDAPEST, (ST)-The Forum for Syria and the Syrian community in Hungary have condemned the crimes perpetrated by terrorist organizations against civilians in several neighborhoods in the Syrian provinces of Homs, Hassaka, Damascus and Aleppo and which claimed the lives of tens of people and caused huge destruction to infrastructure and private and public properties there.

In a statement of which SANA got a copy, the forum and members of the Syrian community said “these crimes come within the framework of the terrorist organizations’ heinous campaign targeting the high morale of the Syrian citizens whose adherence to their leadership and army becomes bigger whenever terrorism escalates violence.”