Celebration in Kiev to mark Syrian army's Day

The Syrian Community in Ukraine has held a celebration to mark the 71st anniversary of the Syrian Arab army's foundation.

The celebration held Sunday in Kiev began with standing a minute of silence for the Syrian soldiers martyred in Syria.

Then several speeches were delivered by a member of the Syrian community, the first Secretary in the Syrian Embassy in Kiev, the Head of the Board of Directors of the community and the Head of the Syrian-Ukrainian Friendship Association.

Forum for Syria, Syrian community in Hungary stress Syrian army is worthy of respect

The Forum for Syria and the Syrian community in Hungary have reiterated that the Syrian army is an example of sacrifice for defending the homeland.

They expressed pride in the victories being achieved by the Syrian Arab army against the foreign-backed terrorist organizations.

"Our army has dedicated itself to defend each grain of the homeland and it is worthy of respect and appreciation," the forum and the community said in a statement released yesterday on the occasion of the Syrian army Day.

Symposiums in Italy to explain what is happening in Syria

The Syrian community in Italy in cooperation with The European Front for Defending Syria and Solid Organization held Sunday a symposium on the war being waged on Syria through terrorist organizations.

The symposium held in Cave city in Italy comes within the activities of 'I belong to' initiative launched by the Syrian Tourism Ministry, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The agency reported that the participants in the symposium stressed the need to focus on promotion to the restoration of what has been destroyed by terrorist organizations.

Participants in Youth Festival's preparatory meeting in Venezuela stress support for Syria

The participants in the 1st preparatory meeting for the Youths and Students Festival in Venezuela have underscored their support for Syria in its war against terrorism.

The events taking place in Syria and the imperialism's attempts to undermine Syria's role in the region are being closely watched by Venezuela, Chairman of the University Students Union in Venezuela Jwel Sendenio said during a meeting with the Syrian delegation on the sideline of the preparatory meeting.

Syrian communities and students reiterate support for homeland in confronting terrorism

Syrian communities and students in India, Malaysia, Czech, Bulgaria, Britain, Algeria and Lebanon have reiterated their support for their homeland and the Syrian Arab army in confronting terrorism.

They condemned the terror attacks that target the Syrian people in the homeland, vowing to go ahead with standing by the homeland till the achievement of victory over terrorism.

Many communities' members and students gathered Sunday outside the Syrian embassies in the said countries at an invitation from the Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) in cooperation with the Syrian embassies abroad, according to the official news agency (SANA).

The SSNU has held a lot of activities abroad in order to clarify what is going on in Syria before the world public opinion.



Basma Qaddour