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Syrian Students, Communities in Europe Express Their Pride in Syrian Arab Army

Branches of the Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) in Slovakia, Germany, France, Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic have organized protests to condemn crimes being perpetrated by terrorist groups and their supporters in Syria.

The protests were organized under the banner the “Syrian Day of Rage”, according to the Syrian Arab news Agency (SANA).

The agency reported Saturday that the Syrian students and communities’ members, who participated in the protests, expressed their solidarity with their homeland in confronting terrorism.

Syrian Students in Cuba Condemn Zionist Entity's Today Aggression on Syrian Military Site

Syrian students in Cuba have strongly condemned the blatant aggression launched today at dawn by Zionist entity [Israel] against one of the Syrian army's sites near Mesyaf area outside Hama province.

They said in a statement obtained by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the Zionist entity has carried out continuous aggression against Syria through offering all forms of support to terrorists since the start of the crisis in the country.

Syrian Army Is the Most Important Element in Regional Military Equation- Expatriates

Syrian communities and students in Italy, Romania, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States have reiterated their support for Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the Syrian community in Italy said in statement released today on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Syrian Arab army's foundation that Syria achieved victory over the unprecedented terror war thanks to the steadfastness of its army and people.

Sousan Stresses Important Role of Syrian Expatriates in Reconstruction Era

DAMASCUS– Assistant Foreign and Expatriates Minister Ayman Sosan on Monday met with a delegation of the Syrian expatriates’ committee in Kuwait.

Sousan briefed the delegation about developments in Syria, saying that the changes in the stances of some regional and international powers unmasked the campaigns of misdirection towards what is going on in the country, according to SANA.

He added that the plots against Syria and the Arab region aim at weakening the Arab position and enabling Israel and other forces to tighten their control on the region.

Syrian Students, Communities abroad Salute Syrian Army's Sacrifices

Syrian students and communities in Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic have underlined that  Syrian Arab army's heroes offer infinite sacrifices to defend the homeland.

They said in separate statements issued on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Syrian Arab army's foundation that they stand by Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism till the achievement of victory.