ESFS blames EU wrong policies for terrorism spread

Coordinator of Relations in the Spanish division of the European Solidarity Front for Syria Carlos Bath has affirmed that the Syrian Arab army is fighting terrorism on behalf of the Europe and the entire world, saluting the Syrian people's awareness and unity over the past six years.

He warned that terrorism will spread all over the world due to the wrong policies of the western and European governments, which help spread of mercenaries and murders being supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel.

Syrian community in Italy/statement

The Syrian community in Italy has condemned the Arab League's decision against Hezbollah, saying that it reflects the gulf sheikhdoms' subjection to the Zionist entity's dictations.

It clarified in a statement carried by the official news agency (SANA) that the decision is not new and it is an extension of the policies adopted by the gulf regimes since the beginning of resistance's victory over the Zionist plot.

Syrian students in Slovakia say March 8 revolution laid foundation for advanced stage in Syria's history

Syrian students in Slovakia have said that the March 8th revolution led by the Baath Arab Socialist Party laid the foundation for an advance stage in the history of Syria and the Arab nation.

They added in a statement carried by the official news agency (SANA) Tuesday that Syria has become more stronger in facing the US-Zionist plot that aims to fragment the nation and to loot its wealth.

Syrian community in Cyprus affirms support for Syrian army in fighting terrorism

The Syrian community in Cyprus in cooperation with the National Students Union staged Sunday a rally in support of the Syrian Arab army and the allied forces in fighting terrorism.

The rally took place at the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in Cyprus's capital, Nicosia, the official news agency (SANA) reported, adding that the participants asserted their support for the local reconciliation.

Syrian community and students in Cuba, Slovakia decry Sunday's deadly terror blasts in Syria

The Syrian community and students in Cuba and Slovakia have decried Sunday's deadly terror blasts in al-Sayedeh Zainab area in Damascus countryside and in Homs city where at least 130 persons were martyred and hundreds wounded.

They said in a statement carried by the official news agency (SANA) that such brutal terror attacks aim to scare the steadfast Syrian people and the army and to abort the efforts being exerted to reach a political solution to the ongoing crisis in the country.

They added that the terror attacks are bloody retaliation by the US and its tools in the region –Al Saud and Erdogan- against the Syrian army's achievements on the ground over the past months.