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Syrian Students in Bulgaria Condemn International Community’s Silence on Terror Blasts in Syria

Syrian students in Bulgaria has asserted that the terror blast, which targeted bus convoy carrying evacuees from Foua and Kafraya towns last Saturday, comes as a result of the western unlimited support for terrorists.

They said in a statement obtained by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the international community remains silent when terrorists perpetrate crimes against Syrian people.

Syrian Community in Egypt: U.S. Terrorism Will Never Weaken Syrian Army's Resolve

Syrian community in Egypt plus several Egyptian and Arab citizens have gathered in Cairo to express their rejection of the US blatant aggression on Syria and crimes being perpetrated by terrorist organizations against Syrian people.

They condemned the US aggression on Syria's sovereignty and asserted their support for the Syrian army and President Bashar al-Assad in fighting terrorism, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted Charge de Affairs of Syrian Consulate in Cairo Dr. Riyad Snih as saying that terrorism being practiced directly by the United States or through its tools – countries or terrorist organizations- will never weaken Syrian army's resolve to fight terrorism.

Syrian Expatriates Angry over U.S. Blatant Aggression on Their Homeland

Syrian community and students in Cuba have expressed their anger over the US blatant aggression on Syria, one day after Deputy Minister of Expatriates and Foreign Affairs  Ayman Susan told Syrian community in Belgium that US policy is the main cause of instability in the world.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the Syrian community and students in Cuba said in a statement released Tuesday that the aggression, which contradicts international law and UN Charter, unmasks the ugly face of America as a leader of new colonialism.

European Solidarity Front For Syria: US Aggression on Syria Contradicts International Law

European Solidarity Front For Syria in Spain has decried the US aggression on Syria, expressing its solidarity with the Syrian Arab Army in fighting terrorism.

It said in a statement it delivered yesterday to the US Embassy in Madrid that the US aggression on Syria contradicts UN Charter and international law.

"The aggression was carried out against a sovereign state, which is a member of the United Nations and it unmasked the reality of president Donald Trump's allegations on fighting ISIS," the front said, stressing that the US aggression is unjustified and based on false pretexts fabricated by intelligence bodies  of countries supporting world terrorism, such as Saudi Arabia, 'Israel', Turkey, Britain, France and NATO.

Syrian Communities, Students in Several Countries Denounce Friday's US Aggression on Syria

Syrian communities and students in Italy, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Bulgaria and Slovakia have condemned today's US aggression on Syria, asserting that the aggression contradicts all international norms and serves Israel and terrorist organizations.

The community in Italy said in a statements obtained by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the aggression comes in the interest of Israel and terrorist organizations that receive successive blows from Syrian Arab army.