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The Syrian Community in Russia voices support for their country

Members  of the Syrian community in Russia reaffirmed their support to  their  country in confronting the hostile schemes targeting Syria’s firm stances. 

During their meeting  on Friday with the Syrian Ambassador to  Russia Dr. Riyad Haddad  on the occasion of the blessed Eid Al-Adha,  members of the community expressed their  determination to exert relentless  efforts and capabilities to preserve  Syria’s national stances  and sovereignty . 

On his part ,   Ambassador Haddad stressed that the unilateral economic coercive measures imposed by the  US  on Syria and the so-called “Caesar’s act “   are only a continuation of the war  against Syria after the us  failed to achieve its goals. He  indicated that Syria’s enemies are trying to impose political and economic options on it and continue to support terrorist organizations..

Syrian plane arrives in Damascus coming from the UAE with 261 Syrians onboard

Damascus, (ST):  A plane affiliated to the  Syrian Airlines has arrived in Damascus International Airport coming from Sharjah airport in the UAE  with 261 Syrians onboard The move comes in implementation   of the measures adopted  by the Syrian government to bring back the Syrians stuck abroad in light of the spread of the coronavirus.

The passengers were transported to the quarantine center at al-Hurjalleh in Damascus countryside where they will  remain there for 14 days to make sure they are not infected from coronavirus.


Syrian expatriates in Belgium rally against US and western sanctions imposed on Syria

The League of Syrian Expatriates in Belgium has organized a rally in front of the American Embassy in Brussels in rejection of the Western and American sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, including the so-called "Caesar Act".
The participants lifted the Syrian flag and chanted slogans condemning the American and western sanctions, stressing that these unilateral coercive measures directly affect the Syrians' livelihood. They also called for the immediate lifting of these sanctions.

Head of the League of Syrian Expatriates in Belgium and Luxemburg Antoin Qassis affirmed that the rally expresses the Syrian expatriates' rejection of the American and Western coercive measures imposed on the Syrian people, particularly the so-called "Caesar Act", becauae they constitute a crime against humanity and embody the law of the jungles.

Ministry of Transport: Next Thursday as the date for the flight to transport the Syrian citizens stranded in Erbil, Iraq

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Transport has scheduled the flight for the evacuation of Syrian nationals from the city of Erbil in Iraq next Thursday, the 16th of this month.

The Ministry called in a statement that SANA received a copy of that the Ministry called passengers to be present at Erbil Airport before a sufficient time period, and to adhere to wearing masks and gloves on board the plane and the airport ground.

The Ministry indicated in a statement yesterday that the flight will transport 250 Syrian citizens stuck in Erbil to Damascus International Airport, calling on those who wish to return to review the Syrian Aviation Office in Erbil.

Syrian students in Russia: Participation in the People's Assembly elections is a national duty

Syrian students, who are studying in Russian institutes and universities, stressed the importance of participating in the People’s Assembly (Parliament) elections and choosing the most efficient representatives who are close to the concerns of the people.

They called for commitment to the national concerns.

Jalal Fayez Kahnoucheh, a Syrian student in Russia stressed the necessity of participating in the People's Assembly elections.