Syrian Communities, Students Abroad Voice Solidarity with the Homeland




CAPITALS,(ST) _ Syrian  University students  and the Syrian communities in Slovakia   voiced solidarity with their country in confronting  terrorism and  the global conspiracy hatched against it,  stressing  loyalty to Syria ‘s wise leadership.

 This was expressed in a solidarity march organized by Slovakia branch of the National Union of Syrian Students NUSS, in collaboration with the Syrian community and Arab and Slovak activists.

 The participants in the march who marched in the  main streets of  the Slovak capital Bratislava through the Presidential Palace,  to the Parliament and then the old city expressed thanks  for Federal Russia and other friendly countries for standing  with the Syrian people  in confronting  the unprecedented  conspiracy against Syria.

 In a statement circulated by the NUSS branch, the participants in the rally  stressed categorical rejection of all forms of interference in Syria ‘s internal affairs, stressing  full confidence that Syria  will emerge  more powerful from the ordeal,  thanks to the wisdom of its leadership and awareness of its people ,  noting the  reforms approved and implemented by the leadership in Syria.

They  denounced the  US- backed Zionist and Western   plot against Syria , in which  also involved  regional countries , and the hostile  Arab and western media campaigns based on misinformation and dissemination of false and fabricated  news on  events in Syria in order to destabilize  its security .

The statement  also voiced  the Syrian students and people stand  behind President Assad leadership  against hostile  challenges aiming  to undermine  the country ‘s unity and  stability.

 In similar rallies, the Syrian Communities  and students in Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Czech,  and Spain expressed support for  the country ‘s steadfastness and confrontations  of the  terrorist groups backed by Western countries  and regional allies in Turkey and the Gulf ‘s  sheikhdoms and  kingdoms.

They confirmed support to  Syria’s leadership , army and people in the face of the hatched  conspiracies  which  target the homeland , the  Syrian people and Syria ‘s  historical culture and heritage ,  stressing readiness to spare no efforts in order  to defend their homeland in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

The participants in the rallies  highlighted the positions  of the Russian and Chinese  leaderships that prevent foreign military intervention in the internal affairs of Syria and expressed their thanks and support for these principled positions.

The official in charge of  an anti- globalization organization in Russia,   Alexander Aionov,  told SANA that his  organization adheres to the principle of maintaining the sovereignty of each world  country , and  therefore stands against the  Western countries aggression against the media siege imposed on Syria , pointing out that Russian organizations will not allow any form of aggression against Syria.

He indicated that the official and popular position  of Russia is built on the ground that the  Syrian people  are  the only ones who must decide the fate of their  country by themselves , as well as on stances advocated  by countries  to solve the crisis in Syria  in the framework of the Geneva statement.


T. Fateh




Expatriates and Students Renewed Rejection to Foreign Meddling in Syria's Affairs

 CAPITALS, (ST) _ Syrian Expatriates and Students in Iran, Belorussia, and Germany renewed their rejection to foreign meddling in Syria's affairs, and support to the reform process under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

The participants in the organized solidarity demonstrations in support of their Motherland, Syria, according to SANA reporters, warned against the alliance of evil countries against Syria in support of the ongoing mercenary terrorists armed groups aggressions against the Syrians.

The Syrian Students in Iran, in a letter, hailed the stances of the countries and people who stood in support of Syria in the face of the conspiracy, particularly Russia, China and Iran.

In a statement, the organizers called on the German Government to backtrack on its mistake in supporting terrorism in Syria under different false pretexts.

The Syrians in Belorussia called for a halt in supporting the mercenary armed terrorist groups and lambasted the unjust sanctions imposed on the Syrian People.

In Russia, the Syrian Expatriates, Students and their Russian friends stood united in front of the US Embassy in Moscow, in support of their Leadership and the Syrian Army in encountering the fierce campaign and organized terrorism against Syria.

The demonstrators hoisted the Syrian Flag, President Al-Assad's pictures, and raised pro-Syria banners. On some placards was written: '' hands off Syria'', '' Leave the democracy of rockets and bombs to yourselves'', and ''We all are with you Bashar in the frontlines confronting international terrorism''.


M.A. Al-Ibrahim




Mass Held to Comfort the Souls of the Martyrs




SYDNEY, (ST)_   The Church of St. Michael Antiochian  for the Greek Orthodox in Kiraowi area in Sydney, Australia, held a Mass to comfort the souls of the martyrs who sacrificed themselves for their homeland Syria .

The mass was attended  by a large number of the Syrian community, foreigners and the Syrian honorary consul  Maher Dabbagh in Sydney.

 Following the mass which was led by rev. Fadi Ne'meh, prayer were recited to comfort the souls of those who were killed by the terrorists.

The rev. highly lauded  the steadfastness of the great Syrian people,  the heroism of the Syrian  Army and the wise leadership  of president Bashar Al-Assad.

He emphasizing the feelings of  love and solidarity between citizens of one country in order to emphasize to the whole world that the people of Syria  stand united and steadfast against  enemy schemes.


T. Fateh




Syria is my Homeland

Expatriates could be described as important ambassadors for their homeland everywhere, as they directly address other nations. They reflect the real image of the country' civilization, and local culture in their behavior.

Some of them occupy high-rank positions in all domains, and enjoy effective role in making decisions especially during crisis times.   


The Syrian expatriates, for example, have played pivotal role during the crisis the homeland is going through. They staged rallies across the world to defend their homeland, demanding an end to the foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs.

On October 2, the national meeting of Syrian expatriates was launched at "Sheraton" hotel in Damascus under the slogan "Syria is my Homeland".

 About 150 expatriates have participated in this activity which aims to back the reform process led by  President Bashar Al-Assad.  

Other expatriates, unfortunately, held rallies in different world states to call for destroying their homeland through foreign military invention under the pretext of seeking freedom and Democracy. One here can't but to wonder whether freedom and democracy would mean seeking foreign intervention against one's mother homeland!

However, not only the Syrians but also the whole world has realized the meaning of the false freedom and democracy which the US brought to Iraq.

History of expatriates    

The history of Syrian expatriates dates back to 1820 when Syrians have started immigration because of social and economic crises in Belad al-Sham during the Ottoman presence. The immigration has not stopped since due to wars erupted in the region on one hand, and different social and economic circumstances on the other.

Basma Qaddour

Syrian Expatriates Commitment to Serve the Homeland

Syria  has ever been proud of  its communities abroad and of their skills, talent and ability to integrate into their new  homelands. This pride stems from the fact that the number of Syrian expatriates all over the world is estimated at 15 million, besides five millions in Brazil and one million and a half in Argentina.

In his June 2010 official visit to Brazil , President Bashar Al-Assad  pinned great importance on the role played by the Syrian expatriates  in fostering bilateral relations between  their motherland, Syria and  their new countries: "Syria is proud of its community not only for its success and excellence, but also for its ability to integrate in the new society which they live in without getting away from their origins. This means that they are still loyal to their original homeland as much as their loyalty to their current homeland."

Within  this context, the first Syrian expatriates conference was held in Damascus in 2004  as the first step on a long road of serious and constructive work between expatriates and their homeland, Syria . 

In an inaugural speech to the conference  on October 9, 2004,  the President  highlighted the role played by Syrian expatriates as messengers for their country : “For you, and for your homeland, do communicate with your kin and friends. Do encourage interaction between your sons and sons of the motherland. Do group yourselves in organizations that speak for your culture and nation.”

Focusing on the role played by expatriates in  being credible to their country, the president said : “Your important role in making living cultural interaction with the other peoples through your wide-scale geographical presence and openness to the others constitutes the practical reaction to those narrow-minded people who market the idea of clash among civilizations.”

More than 450 professionals and experts  of Syrian expatriates met together  in the conference held under the title " With Expatriates for Development', and debated several topics  with government officials concerned and  representatives of both the public and private sectors.

The conference was of a very special significance as things have been changed in the aftermath of Sept. 11 attacks -not only for the Syrian communities. A new responsibility is assigned to the Syrian community abroad, especially in the USA,  in order to explain to the American media, officials and people the current situation in Syria and the crisis in the country caused mainly by  terrorism attacks  targeting Syria 's people , sovereignty and own existence.  The Syrian expatriates are called upon to lobby with US Congressmen and Senators to visit Syria and maintain a dialogue  with Syrian officials  and people  for better understanding the situation in Syria . Such a task has to be indeed the noble mission of every Syrian expatriate worldwide.


Syria Times