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Syrian Students, Communities abroad Salute Syrian Army's Sacrifices

Syrian students and communities in Hungary, Slovakia, and Czech Republic have underlined that  Syrian Arab army's heroes offer infinite sacrifices to defend the homeland.

They said in separate statements issued on the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the Syrian Arab army's foundation that they stand by Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism till the achievement of victory.

Sunday’s Terror Blast in Damascus is Shame on International Community- Syrian Students in Slovakia, Austria

Syrian students in Slovakia have described the coward terror blast that took place Sunday in Damascus as a ‘heinous example’ of extremist Takfiri terrorism and its supporters, who disrespect all international laws and moral values.

They said in a statement released Monday that the terror blast is a shame on the international community and it will not dissuade Syrian people, army and leadership from going ahead with fighting armed terrorist groups nationwide.

Italian Journalists and Doctors: Syria Facing Terrorism that Threatens Entire World

ROME, (ST)- The Syrian community in Italy on Tuesday held a conference in which Italian journalists and academics as well as community members took part. The conference was held under the slogan (Syria: Past, Present and Future)

Italian surgeon Fabio Abenavoli said in a statement at the conference that reports by western media outlets, particularly the Italian ones don't reflect the reality of what is going on in Syria, namely the terrorism currently targeting all the Syrians.

He added that he visited Syria twice during which he felt the civilized nature of the Syrian people and knew about the suffering of the Syrians because of terrorism and the western economic sanctions imposed on the Syrian people and that affected all sectors in Syria, particularly health.

Spanish Delegation Express Solidarity with Syrian People and Army

Spanish delegation composed of economists and journalists have expressed their solidarity with Syrian people and army in confronting the fiercest terror attack in contemporary history against a civilized state such as Syria.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the delegation visited the Syrian embassy in Madrid and condemned the foreign-backed terror organizations' crimes against civilians.

Syrian Students, Community in Russia Mark Martyrs’ Day

The Branch of the Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States held Sunday a solidarity activity near the tomb of Unknown Soldier at Kremlin Palace in Moscow in order to mark Martyrs’ Day.

The participating Syrian students expressed their pride at sacrifices that have been offered by martyrs since the Ottoman occupation. They laid flowers on the tomb and praised the strong friendship between Syrian and the Russian peoples.