Syrian Students in Bulgaria Vowed Support for Homeland against Conspiracies

SOFIA,(ST)_ In celebration of the 65th anniversary of Syrian Student Day, Branch of the National Union of Syrian Students NUSS in Bulgaria, in cooperation with the Syrian Embassy and the Baath Party organization in Bulgaria held sport and entertainment events.

In this context, a ceremony was held under the title "our border Sama" during which the students renewed their support for homeland Syria against conspiracies.

Syrian Community in Czech Republic Condemned Mabouja Heinous Massacre

PRAGUE,(ST)_ The Syrian community in the Czech Republic strongly condemned the new heinous massacre perpetrated by terrorist organizations in al-Mabouja village, in al-Salamieh countryside, asserting that the countries supporting these organizations, especially Turkey, the Gulf states and the US are responsible for this massacre, as they are providing military, logistical and financial support for these terrorist herds, in addition to the political cover.

Syrians in Cuba Voice Solidarity with Venezuela against US Conspiracy

HAVANA-The Syrian students and community in Cuba as well as the staff of the Syrian Embassy in Havana have voiced solidarity with the people and leadership of Venezuela in the confrontation of the US continuous attempts to destabilize the Venezuelan State.

Syrian Students in Malaysia, Serbia for Defending Homeland Pride, Dignity

KUALA LAMPUR, BELGRADE, (ST) _ Syrians students in both Malaysia and Serbia stressed during the celebration marking the 61th anniversary of the Syrian student day that they are the homeland loyal defenders and contributors to the building of its future and the advancement of its society.

Syrian Students in Russia Vowed Support for their Country, People and Army

MOSCOW, (ST)_ Syrian students in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States renewed their stand with their homeland Syria, their people and their army.

In a statement issued yesterday on the anniversary of the Syrian student day  which falls today (Monday), the students said that "the founding conference of the national union of Syrian students which was chaired by late leader Hafez Al-Assad on 30/03/1950, formed a quantum leap in the life of Syrian student movement at all political, social and cultural levels and gave Syrian youths the freedom of initiative and contribution to the development of the homeland and to raising its banners."