Syrian students, community in Cuba renewed Support for people and army against Conspiracy

HAVANA,(ST)_ Syrians students in Cuban universities and the Syrian community in Cuba stressed that since its inception in 1947, the Baath Party devoted its struggle and efforts to unify Arab ranks, foiled all colonization projects and conspiracies and conducted structural and radical changes in the Syrian society to achieve social justice.

In a statement on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Baath Party foundation, Syrian students and community in Cuba vowed their support for the party, led by its Regional Secretary President Bashar al-Assad and for their people and army in order to foil the plot exposed on Syria and to challenge aggression, terrorism and extremist groups,, vowing to continue learning and improve performance so as to contribute to the reconstruction of the homeland.

Syrian Students in Slovakia: Resolving Crisis Requires Pressure on Countries Supporting Terrorism

BRATISLAVA, (ST) _ Syrian Students in Slovakia renewed their position in supporting the political leadership, led by President Bashar al-Assad in finding a political solution to the crisis in Syria and the fight against terrorism and condemned the killing, destruction and vandalism crimes committed by the terrorist organizations.

Syrian-Italian Students Seminar on Perpetrated Terrorism

FLORENCE, (ST) _ The National Union of Syrian Students NUSS branch in Italy, with the participation of the European front to defend Syria, held a seminar in Florence, Italy between Syrian and Italian students about the ongoing events in Syria and the systematic terror waged against the Syrian state and people.

Syrian qualifies to Ukraine Got Talent semi final

Ukraine, (ST) - Saa'd Jerdi is studying human medicine in Ukraine.

He sang very difficult words of an Ukrainian song in  2015 Ukraine got talent show made him qualify to semi final.

I want to put the name of Syria high in Ukraine sky, and to prove that Syrians can do it wherever they go, Jerdi said.

Syrians in Slovakia: Expatriates will not Forget Terrorists Massacres

BRATISLAVA, (ST) _ The Syrian community in Slovakia condemned the horrific massacre perpetrated by terrorist organizations against peaceful citizens in al-Mabouja village in Hama province, which resulted in the deaths of scores of people, wounded and kidnapping of dozens others, and kidnapping, looting and stealing the contents of their homes.