French Citizens Take part in " Syrian Sunday" Event, in Solidarity with Syria

PARIS,(ST)_ Several French and Arab activists voiced yesterday their support for the Syrian people in their crisis and rejection of their country's policy toward the organized terrorism Syria is exposed to. This was revealed in the " Syrian Sunday " event which is held by the Syrian community in France for this month, in preparation for the solidarity trip to Syria.

“I want to visit Syria and be an ambassador for the French people and write after my return from there my articles in independent and popular French newspapers about what I've seen of realities and the facts on the ground”, French Activist, Stefan Velamen told SANA.

Solidarity Stand in Paris Condemning Terrorism on Some Arab Countries

PARIS,(ST)_ Members of the Syrian and Arab communities in Paris organized on Sunday a solidarity stand to express their denunciation of the aggression and terrorism acts that target some Arab countries including Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, backed by Western powers and Al Saud regime.

The participants in the solidarity stand hoisted Syrian, Yemeni, Iraqi, Lebanese and Tunisian flags, demanding the halt supporting terrorism, bloodshed of the Arab people,non-interference in the affairs of Arab countries and peoples and respect for their sovereignty, support of Arab nationalism and condemnation of Arab reactionary and its supporters of American imperialism.

Syrian antiquity photo exhibition in Florence Concluded

FLORENCE,(ST)_ The Syrian Photograph exhibition entitled "on the Syrian tourism Day, Syrian treasures.. heritage of humanity", was concluded yesterday in Florence, Italy.

The exhibition, which had started on March 28th witnessed great turnout and the admiration of visitors who learnt about the size of the damage inflicted on the Syrian archaeological and historical sites at the hands of terrorist organizations.

Syrian students in Czech: Confident of Achieving Victory over Global Conspiracy Forces

PRAGUE,(ST)_ Syrians students in the Czech Republic confirmed their confidence in the ability of Syrian leadership, people and army to defeat terrorism and cleanse every inch of the homeland from terrorists and achieve victory over global conspiracy forces and their criminal tools and destructive thoughts.

In a statement marking the 68th Foundation anniversary of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, the students stressed the need to strengthen national unity and concerted all the country’s efforts to deal with the plot, which aimed at undermining Syria’s resistance and its pivotal leading position.

Syrian Students in Lebanon: Zionist Entity Enflamed Region by Terrorists

BEIRUT, (ST)_ The National Union of Syrian Students, (NUSS) Lebanon branch confirmed that the Zionist entity had motivated and planned for all terrorist crimes taking place in the area, imagining that its security and stability stems from using terrorists and those of excommunicating thought to achieve its ambitions.