Syrians in Russia, France Confident in Syria Ability to Achieve Victory

MOSCOW, (ST)_ Syrian students and expatriates in Russia expressed absolute confidence in the ability of Syria, its people and leadership to achieve victory over the terrorist aggression, it has been experiencing since years ago.

In two statements, issued yesterday, marking the 69th Evacuation Day anniversary, Syrian students and members of the Syrian community in Russia renewed loyalty to the homeland,the people and army heroes who have been defending Syria’s dignity, sovereignty and independence.

Syrians in Cuba, Slovakia Reiterate Stand with Homeland

HAVANA,(ST)_ Members of the Syrian community in Cuba expressed pride and loyalty to their homeland, Syria,which foiled the plot and the unprecedented  war, and turned it into a real victory for the Syrians.

During a meeting in the headquarters of the Syrian embassy in Havana with the Chargé d'affaires Dr. Louay Al Ouja, members of the community hailed the accomplishments of the Syrian army, who spared no sacrifices and continued to resist excommunicating terrorism on all fighting fronts in Syria, praising the sacrifices of the martyrs in defense of Syria’s unity and dignity.

Bishop Mansour Calls for Prayer for Peace in Syria, the World

SAO PAULO, (ST) _ Bishop of San Paulo, and Pan Greek –Orthodox Church in Brazil Damaskeynos Mansour called for prayers and supplication to God Almighty for restoring security and just peace throughout the world, especially in beloved Syria, the land of divine messages and successive civilizations since millions of years ago.

Syrians in Europe Celebrate 69th Evacuation Day Anniversary

FRANKFURT, (ST)_ Syrian communities abroad have vowed support for the motherland in a series of activities and events that reflect the deeply –rooted spirit of nationalism and belonging to the land from where messages of peace and love were emerged, despite the obscurantist ideology that terrorist groups seek to disseminate since more than four years.

The latest of these events is the celebration to be held by the Syrian community in Switzerland, in collaboration with several Syrian communities in Europe, in Frankfurt, Germany, on April 18th, marking the 69th anniversary of the evacuation of the last French colonialist from the Syrian land.

Syrian Businessman: Expatriates Keen on Supporting Homeland, Helping Citizens Withstand Crisis Repercussions

 Alleviating the economic and social repercussions of the global terrorist war on Syria has demanded the mobilization of the efforts of all the Syrians inside the country and abroad.

Within this framework, the Syrian expatriates, particularly businessmen, have been keen on supporting their homeland and helping the Syrian people withstand the ongoing crisis by implementing several social and economic activities across the country targeting affected people, including martyrs' families as well as wounded and displaced citizens.