Syrian Communities in Rome, Paris, Brussels, Yerevan and Cuba Reiterate Solidarity with Homeland

CAPITALS, (ST) – The National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in Italy held a national activity to lift the Syrian flag at St. Pietro Square in the Vatican during the new Pope's first prayers.

Participants in the event stressed that Syria, the home of tolerance and amity, is being exposed to terrorism coming from different parts of the world, but the homeland will withstand the evil schemes. They expressed their solidarity with Syria in the face of the global conspiracy.

In Paris, the Syrian students and community organized a big march in support for Syria in its war against terrorism. Some members of the Algerian, Lebanese, Tunisian and Pakistani communities in addition to many French people took part in the march. Syrian flags and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad were lifted in solidarity with Syria. The participants affirmed their confidence that the Syrian army, people and leadership will emerge victorious from the crisis caused by foreign-backed terrorism.

The French participants condemned their country's anti-Syria policy and stressed that the French calls for arming terrorist groups in Syria are unjustified.

In Brussels, The Syrian students and members of the Syrian community in Belgium organized a solidarity stand in support of the homeland near the European Union headquarters.

Participants in the event condemned European calls for arming the terrorists in Syria and affirmed their support for national dialogue which contributes to rebuilding the homeland.

In Yerevan and in front of the UN office in the Armenian capital, the NUSS branch and the Syrian community there held a solidarity stand with Syria in the face of the global conspiracy against the country. They asserted their support for the wise leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad.

In a letter addressing the UN Chief Ban Ki Moon, the participants urged the UN to play a bigger role in halting the armed terrorist groups' acts which aim at destroying Syria, undermining its military and civil structure and fragmenting its cohesive social fabric.

In Havana, the Syrian students and community in Cuba strongly criticized the Western and UN stances and double standard policy towards the ongoing events in Syria and stressed their solidarity with their homeland.

In a letter they sent to the UN office in the Cuban capital, they condemned the silence of the international organization regarding the killing, bombing and destruction acts committed by terrorist groups in Syria and regarding the misleading media which aims at falsifying facts and hiding the reality of events in Syria.

 H. Mustafa

Syrian- French stand in solidarity with Syrian army

PARIS,(ST)_ The Syrian students and community, along with French citizens, in France organized a stand in honour of Syria's martyrs.
In St.Michel Square in Paris, the participants held Syrian flags and pictures of President Bashar al-Assad and a banner including photos of some Syrians martyred by the armed terrorist groups in recent events.
They asserted their support for national dialogue and the great efforts being exerted by the Syrian Arab army to uproot terrorists.  
The French citizens, who took part in the stand, called on their government to help the Syrian government get rid of terrorists instead of backing and funding them.

Syrian Students in Cuba, Slovakia Condemn Terrorism in Syria, Stress Solidarity with Homeland

HAVANA, BRATISLAVA, (ST) - Syrian students in Cuba have condemned the terrorist acts committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria against the country's infrastructure, properties and national antiquities, stressing that these acts are backed and financed by international regional countries under the silence of the international community.

During a rally, held by the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in coordination with the Syrian Embassy in Cuba to express solidarity with Syria, students condemned the fabrications and false news reported by some misleading media aiming to destabilize Syria and fuel sedition in the country.

In a statement of which SANA had received a copy, the Syrian students confirmed their support for President Bashar al-Assad-proposed political program which is considered as a true exit from the current crisis in Syria. They highly appreciated the government's efforts to implement the program to solve the crisis as soon as possible.

They also expressed their deep grief over the martyrdom of civilian and military personnel as a result of the bloody acts of armed groups in the country, wishing Syria peace and security.

Meanwhile in Slovakia, the Syrian community and the NUSS branch organized a solidarity rally in the Capital Bratislava to express support for Syria in her battle against terrorism. Arab and Slovak students took part in the rally.   

Participants in the rally praised the Syrian Arab Army's effort and determination to uproot terrorism and restore security and stability to Syria.

They condemned the international community's silence regarding the crimes committed by the armed terrorist groups in Syria, holding the countries which back these groups completely responsible for these terrorist acts.

They affirmed their support for national dialogue and called for creating the suitable environment to make this dialogue a success.


H. Mustafa    

Sydney March Deplores Terrorists Crimes in Syria

Sydney,(ST)_ A massive march took to the streets of Sydney on Sunday condemning the fierce onslaught against Syria and crimes committed by Western, Arab and regional countries backed armed terrorist groups against the Syrian people.
The participants in the march which was organized by "Hands off Syria" group hoisted the Syrian flags and banners condemning this vicious attack and desperate attempts by the West and certain Arab states to subjugate Syria.

The marchers, comprising members of the Syrian community in Sydney and Arab expatriates voiced support for Syria. They expressed confidence that sedition attempts in Syria are doom to failure. They also expressed support for the political program set to dissolve the crisis in Syria, considering that "Sunday" was "day of solidarity with Syria, leadership, people and army" against the hostile attack.



Expatriates New Campaign in Support of Homeland

BRUSSELS,(ST)-Under  the message  "I am a Syrian expatriate and I will help my people at home"  Syrian expatriates in Brussels launched a raise funding campaign to support the Syrians who were displaced by  armed terrorist groups  and opted to stay inside Syria.

The event came at the initiative of young Syrian expatriates in Brussels and the Belgian Rev Daniel Mays , who is the chief of Saint James Monetary in Qara city, to collect donations from members of the Syrian Community, several Lebanese donors and aids provided by Belgian churches.

On the objective of the initiative, initiative co-organizer Ali Ghandour said on behalf of   the Syrian Expatriates in Belgium:  "Our hearts are with our people  in Syria .. Your steadfastness  foiled the world conspiracy against Syria  . It is our duty, now,  to  compensate  just part of what  you have given. "

Ghandour added that the donation will be in the form of  clothes , food , stationery for schools, medicines and milk for children and will be sent to Syria by the Belgian Aid Foundation, in cooperation with Saint James Monastery and Rev. Daniel Mays.

He continued that the aid will be distributed in the city sports camp in Lattakia.

On future initiatives, Ghandour indicated that another initiative is underway dedicated  for martyrs children, who sacrificed their blood  for Syria 's unity and steadfastness.

 He commended the close cooperation between Syrian communities in Belgium, Holland and France to mobilize Syrian youths potentials in the  service of  their homeland Syria, noting that cooperation to this end will be expanded to include other Syrian communities abroad.


T. Fateh