Sit in near American Embassy in South Africa to Protest US Threats against Syria

PRETORIA, South Africa- The Communist Party Youth Organization in South Africa in cooperation with the Syrian community in Pretoria and Johannesburg organized a sit in front of the American Embassy in Pretoria to protest the American threats against Syria.

 Participants from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen took part in the event which was held under the slogan "Alliance against Imperialist Aggression on Syria".

In a letter of protest addressing the American government and its allies at the European Union, the Alliance condemned the American colonialist and domination policies in the region and blasted the US threats of military aggression on Syria to serve the terrorist organizations and armed groups which seek the destruction of the Syrian state.

They criticized the double standard policies practiced by the US and the European countries as regards fight terrorism.

"They show themselves as the party which calls for fighting terrorism and al-Qaeda-linked groups, but in fact they support the terrorists who kill innocent people in Syria," the letter said.

The Alliance urged the United States to halt its support for the terrorist groups in Syria and to destroy its arsenal of mass destruction weapons.

The "Alliance against Imperialist Aggression on Syria" comprises representatives of political and economic parties, workers unions and youth and students organizations from South Africa, Syria and some Arab countries.

H. Mustafa 


“No war on Syria”: Motto of Syrian community solidarity stand in Cuba

HAVANA, (ST)_ In cooperation with a number of foreign and Arab parties and organizations, Syrian community and students studying in Cuba, organized a solidarity stand against the assault facing Syria, under the title " No war on Syria".

Throughout this stand held at Martin Luther King cultural center in the Cuban capital Havana; these organizations called for peace in Syria, assuring their rejection of any potential U.S. military attack against Syria.

In addition, the participants expressed in a statement, their strong condemnation for media maneuvers, deception acts, and threats exerted by the United States against Syria.

Moreover, the declaration firmly denunciated the American Empire conspiracies, as well as its Western allies, regressive Arab countries, and Zionist Israel.

The statement called on free and honest men in the world to pursue exertions in denouncing American arrogant practices that knock off balance the basic principles of peaceful coexistence between all nations, defending peace, independence and free self-determination of peoples.

In turn, the Syrian embassy charge d'affaires in Havana thanked these organizations, and stressed the need for anti-imperialist forces unity, to face hand by hand imperialist policy aggressiveness which is based on exploiting other countries wealth.


Khaled falhoot

Hand in hand for Syria

We as Syrian are capable of facing our current crisis inside and outside our territories,  through adhering to our national unity, an example to be followed by all nations.

Syrian students at world's various universities have recently crowded as one soul in front of Syria’ s embassies to express complete  solidarity with their homeland Syria ; and to assert full rejection of  foreign conspiracy being implemented by certain foreign states against Syria's firm and national stance.

In India, Spain, Cuba, Belgium, Brazil and Venezuela all Syrian students stood hand in hand for their homeland Syria to express full support to their mother land in the face of her current suffering.

For example, in India Syrian students staged a solidarity stand with their homeland, carrying Syrian flags and chanting national slogans. They also condemned foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs, expressing full rejection of both Arab and foreign continuous  interference in the Syrian crisis. The students also cited our army's heroic stances in facing terrorists and extremists' crimes, labeling  our army's sacrifices as a national mission.

The Syrian students also planted a fig tree as a symbol of life, and they issued a statement on supporting our political leadership's endeavor to combat foreign conspiracy, including the United States and its allies in the region against Syria's ethical standpoint to defend Arab just causes, namely the  Arab – Israeli struggle .

As for Syrian students in Brazil, they also carried  out a solidarity stand with their brothers in Syria,  citing their motherland 's role throughout history in carrying civilization torch all over the world.  The students also condemned the flagrant foreign aggression against Syria , highlighting the Syrian army's sacrifices in safeguarding our lands independence and sovereignty. They also renewed full rejection of any kind of foreign intervention in Syria.

In Belgium,  Syrian students staged a solidarity stand with our beloved Syria and with our wise political leadership due to its efforts in defeating the global conspiracy against Syria. They also called for abiding through national unity as the only way out of the crisis.

In Italy our students also reiterated support for their homeland and its political leadership. Our sons in  Spain also staged a solidarity stand under the title of '' hand in hand for Syria'', sending  a letter to Spanish parliament to reveal the real image of Syria's current bloody  events .

In Venezuela the Syrian students likewise expressed solidarity with their homeland in a special stand they  have organized before the Syrian embassy in Caracas. In the stand the students expressed support for their army, political leadership and people in the face of foreign and regional intervention in Syria's internal affair.

Nahla maaz

In supporting the Syrian Arab Army; A mass ceremony in Venezuela

In cooperation with the Syrian community in Venezuela, the Syrian Embassy in Caracas held yesterday a festivity celebrating the 68th memorial Syrian Arab Army anniversary. The celebration was attended by a Venezuelan crowd coming from several states; in addition to the participation of the PSUV, the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), and the grassroots’ organization " the three revolutionary ".

The celebration initiated with the Syrian Arab anthem, and a minute of silence in tribute to our faithful martyrs. Those having bravely deceased in the battles of honor,  in defense of  the nation’s sovereignty, independence, and unity.  Those having offered great sacrifices to face  the imperialism conspiracy and its agents in the region.

Speeches of Arab clubs and communities from different Venezuelan cities, reiterated  their solidarity with Syria against the aggressive war facing it.  They have also paid tribute to the Syrian Arab Army heroes stead fasting  in the face of terrorism.  As they condemned the conspiracy led by the United States and its Arab and western allies targeting Syria as a whole.

The orators shed light on the large scale of destruction this war has yielded. Since thousands of educational institutions, healthy centers, and worship homes, have been destroyed. All that confirms The democracy that imperialism is seeking  aims to undermine Syria’s stability and security, through fragmenting its cultural and religious components in service of the Zionist entity interests .

At the end of the festivity, participants expressed their confidence in the Syrian victory. and their firm standing with their homeland as a people and army.

Khaled falhoot

Emotions run high at pro-Assad rally in Dearborn

DEARBORN — Last Sunday evening, hundreds of community members rallied at Dearborn's City Hall to call on the U.S. to cease from arming terrorist  in Syria. 

The rally was spearheaded by the Syrian American Forum, whose leaders claim that Syria's "rebel" forces are mass murderers, who have contributed nothing but terror and destruction to their homeland. Osama Siblani, publisher of The Arab American News, spoke during the onset of the rally and called on President Obama to stay out of Syria's affairs, comparing his administration to George W. Bush's administration during the U.S-Iraq War.


Local opinions in Dearborn seem to differ from that of the White House, with many Syrian and Lebanese Americans vying for the Syrian president to stay in power. Dozens showed their support for President Assad, by waving Syrian flags that included his picture and displaying t-shirts, posters and signs, some of which read "We strongly support President Assad," and "Criminals killing people in the streets of Syria are not reformers."

 Many participants pointed out that the actions of "rebel" forces should not be tolerated.  They cited examples of them killing innocent civilians and referenced a few incidents where YouTube videos were uploaded online of "rebels" eating the organs of those they killed on camera. 

 "What is going on in Syria is very tragic. They are trying to take over Bashar, and they think that it's okay to kill innocent people and put horrific videos on YouTube. We are here today to try to speak out to Obama, and to tell him to help out the Syrian people," said Maysa Ouza, a Lebanese American from Dearborn.

 George Deeb, a Syrian American, who immigrated from the city of Homs to study Engineering in the U.S., said that he would like to take his wife and children back to visit his home country, but doesn't see that happening anytime soon, because of its instability. He explained that the U.S.'s positioning on the war in Syria is all too familiar.

 "I have lived in this country for over 40 years, and I have seen the U.S. getting involved in wars all over the world.  They should have learned their lesson for arming "rebels" when they got involved in Afghanistan, and they should have learned their lesson when they got involved in Iraq.  Now, they are doing the same thing in Syria, and they don't know who they are dealing with. They are going to end up arming "rebels" who will turn against us. The bottom line is that the U.S. needs to stay the hell out of Syria," Deeb said.   

Other speakers at the rally, who opposed any U.S. involvement in Syria's conflict, included Sayyed Hassan Al Qazwini from the Islamic Center of America and David Sole of the Michigan Emergency Committee Against War and Injustice. Sole told the crowd that the media's classification of the Syrian conflict as a “civil war” is an inaccurate description.

 "It is not a civil war when the U.S. Secretary of State organizes the opposition coalitions, tells them who their members are and when and where they should meet. It is not a civil war when the Central Intelligence Agency organizes massive arms shipments into Turkey and Jordan that are then funneled into Syria," Sole told the protestors, who cheered in agreement during his speech.


Hassan Nasrallah, a Dearborn resident, who came to the rally to show his support for President Assad, said that he was disappointed that counter-protestors were present at the event, as they may have had ulterior motives in place. 

 "I would like to ask these people what their motives are for coming to this rally. I would ask them why they are bringing this flag, when they know our feelings towards it. Let them be in opposition to us.  That is completely acceptable, because there is freedom in this country," said Dearborn resident Hassan Nasrallah. 

 By Samer Hijazi