Rally in Frankfurt to Support Syria in Confrontation of Terrorism

BERLIN-The Syrians in Germany as well as many Arabs and Germans yesterday organized a rally to voice their solidarity with Syria and the Syrian Army in the battle against terrorism.

The Committee of Solidarity with Syria in Frankfurt organized the rally under the slogan “Three Years of War on Syria, Stop Intervention”.


 Arab Syrian emigrants who, once they know that you came from Syria, they would, spontaneously, rush to stop you, and ask you about their homeland when I reached Allentown, the capital of Pennsylvania, I started to feel relaxed and at home. People gladly came to welcome me with warm zeal until I felt as if I were in Damascus. I asked my companion, “Who are these people?” “Those are Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians. The majority of people in this town are from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. They came in here more than a century ago, settled here and gave the place the name: “Amar Al-Hosn ò (after a village in Homs, adjacent to the Crac des Chevaliers).

Symposium in Romania in support for Syria

BUCHAREST,(ST)- in cooperation with the Syrian embassy in Romania, the National Union for the Syrian Students managing bureau, based in Romania, has organized a political-cultural symposium on the ongoing crisis in Syria.

The symposium is part of the NUSS's activities with regard to unveiling the crimes being perpetrated by the armed terrorist groups in Syria and in rejection of the foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs.

March in Paris to Voice Support for Syria's Battle against Terrorism

PARIS-Members of the Syrian community in Paris on Sunday organized a massive march to voice their support for the Syrian state and army in the confrontation of the armed terrorist groups and to stress their rejection of foreign intervention in Syria's internal affairs.

Arab, French and other foreign participants joined the march to express solidarity with Syrian people in the face of the global war waged on Syria.

The march started from St. Michel square in Paris and toured the city's streets leading to Pantheon square where participants gathered carrying the Syrian flag and pictures of President Bashar Al-Assad to affirm their solidarity with Syria and the Syrian army's battle against terrorism.

The marchers condemned foreign intervention in Syria's affairs through the support provided by some countries to the armed terrorist groups killing the Syrian people and destroying its economy and infrastructure.

A group of those calling themselves "opposition" attacked the marchers, a matter that required intervention by the French police to stop attackers and send them away from the march.

H. Mustafa      

Sit in near American Embassy in South Africa to Protest US Threats against Syria

PRETORIA, South Africa- The Communist Party Youth Organization in South Africa in cooperation with the Syrian community in Pretoria and Johannesburg organized a sit in front of the American Embassy in Pretoria to protest the American threats against Syria.

 Participants from Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen took part in the event which was held under the slogan "Alliance against Imperialist Aggression on Syria".

In a letter of protest addressing the American government and its allies at the European Union, the Alliance condemned the American colonialist and domination policies in the region and blasted the US threats of military aggression on Syria to serve the terrorist organizations and armed groups which seek the destruction of the Syrian state.

They criticized the double standard policies practiced by the US and the European countries as regards fight terrorism.

"They show themselves as the party which calls for fighting terrorism and al-Qaeda-linked groups, but in fact they support the terrorists who kill innocent people in Syria," the letter said.

The Alliance urged the United States to halt its support for the terrorist groups in Syria and to destroy its arsenal of mass destruction weapons.

The "Alliance against Imperialist Aggression on Syria" comprises representatives of political and economic parties, workers unions and youth and students organizations from South Africa, Syria and some Arab countries.

H. Mustafa