Stands of Solidarity in Jordan Slovakia in Support of Syria

Syrian citizens and Jordanian activists  on Saturday  observed a solidarity stand  in Amman in support of Syria 's people and Leadership and in condemnation of the terrorist crime committed by the terrorist groups against  Aleppo University.

The  congregants condemned crimes  committed by the armed terrorist groups against Syrian  academics,  scholars and intellectuals  and their  destruction of the  infrastructure and public and private property.
They  chanted slogans  and hoisted  Syrian flags  highlighting   Syria 's nationalism.   
Meantime, Syrian students in  Slovakia observed a  pause of mourning for the souls of martyrs of  Aleppo University ,  targeted by armed terrorist groups, stressing that attempts to target universities and students  will  only increase their determination to continue learning.
In a statement on Saturday, the students condemned the  barbaric criminal act carried out by terrorists linked to foreign agendas against  Aleppo University  aimed at  destabilizing  the country.
They renewed  full support for the political program to solve the crisis in Syria, based  on the national dialogue to build the future of  Syria,  away from foreign interventions and dictations 
They also  expressed  appreciation for the sacrifices rendered by the Syrian Arab army against  terrorism and extremism .



Terrorist Groups Backing Countries Responsible for War on Syria

 CARACAS,(ST) _ "  Syria is subjected to a war of aggression for which responsible are  states that support terrorist gangs which shed blood  the Syrian blood," stressed Venezuelan  researcher and political analyst Raymond Qabshi, reiterating Venezuela's support to Syria in the face of this aggression.

 In a televised interview ,Qabshi who was an advisor of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez criticized the report of the UN  Human Rights Council on Syria, adding that the whole world is aware that Syria is not suffering a  civil war as claimed by the report,  rather is subject to an aggressive terrorist war, funded  and contributed by many countries to the extent  that the Australian Foreign ministry  acknowledged that one  hundred Australian terrorists involved in this war, which  carried out by terrorist gangs against Syria, claiming the lives  of thousands of innocent people and destroyed churches ,mosques, universities, orphanages and the infrastructure.

He expressed his conviction  that Syria is laying  the foundation for a new world order , away  from the dominance of the imperialist powers and terrorist gangs and in  the event of her success - and will succeed-  China, Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil  will win , besides all  countries that maintain national sovereignty , oil and national wealth.

He reiterated the right of Syria to defend itself and its citizens against this terrorist war and held the UN and its organizations , in light of the international law and the  humanitarian law, responsible for  the  silence on financiers of the  terrorist war against Syria, particularly the neighboring countries . "The UN was created to bring peace and deal with  crises , not to punish countries", he added, noting that  that sanctions imposed on Syria violate the international law.

He went on that the solution in Syria is in the hands of the Syrian people alone, adding that the UN plays an  impediment  role in Syria,  and together with the Arab League, turned to a platform for imperialist powers, which wanted to use the International  organizations for attacking  Syria, the same as  happened in Iraq and Libya, but failed, thanks to the positive  Russian and Chinese role.


Syrian Community and Students in Cuba Appreciate Venezuela President and People Stances

HAVANA,(ST)- The Syrian community and students in Cuba expressed appreciation for stances of Venezuela President Hugo Chavez and the Venezuelan people in support of just international issues, especially standing with Syria against the fierce onslaught imposed on it.
This was expressed in a message of solidarity addressed by the Syrian community and students in Cuba to the President of Venezuela who is undergoing medical treatment in Cuba. The message which was delivered to the Venezuelan embassy in Havana, conveyed to President Chavez best wishes for speedy recovery and to return to political life again.
Cuba Branch Chief of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) who handed over the message to the Venezuelan Embassy stressed importance of friendship between Syria and Venezuela, reflected positively on the relationship between the Syrian and Venezuelan students .

He renewed solidarity of the Syrian students in Cuba with their motherland Syria in the face of the fierce campaign hatched against it and voiced  appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab army in fighting terrorism and extremism to restore back security and safety to Syria.



Syrians organize candles march in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES,(ST)_ Syrian Community and students in Argentina have organized candles march in front of  the Syrian  Arab Republic Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The participants lighted candles, waved Syria's flag and held banners showing their love to homeland, according to SANA.

They voiced their support to the Syrian leadership and the Syrian Arab Army that gives up sacrifices during scuffles with the armed terrorist groups backed by Arab, regional and international parties.

In addition, they stressed the belief in achieving victory over Syria's enemy, saying: "We will achieve victory and we will celebrate with our brothers in the homeland."


Syrian Community in France Underlines Rejection of Foreign Intervention




PARIS,(ST)_Syrian community and Syrian students in France and in solidarity with their country, Syria,  organized  a march in France to express their rejection of foreign intervention in Syria.

 Participants at the march denounced the policy of the French government and its shameful position to recognize the so-called  "Syrian -coalition" which recalls the period of the French mandate over Syria, which has been eliminated by the courage of the Syrian people.

 The Participants stressed their rejection of terrorism sponsored by the forces of West, Wahhabi and Salafi trends and backed by France and other Western countries, which constitute an adventure  which will reflect negatively on the stability of these countries and the security of their citizens.

 The Participants also expressed through the march the depth of belonging to their homeland and their support for the issues of their country.

 In a related context, French researchers and thinkers confirmed, during a seminar organized by the National Union of Syrian Students Branch in France, in cooperation with the Syrian community in France, that France makes  a mistake by doing historical errors in dealing with the Syrian crisis, sacrificing France national interests in the region through standing with armed terrorist groups which have wahabbi thought.

 The seminar included a presentation of a number of videos that show acts of terrorism carried out by armed terrorist groups and policy of disinformation used as a weapon of war against Syria and its people.

 H. Shamout