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Syrian plane brings back 263 citizens from Sharjah

Damascus (ST): A passenger plane affiliated to the Syrian Arab Airlines arrived in Damascus International Airport with 263 Syrian citizens on board coming from Sharjah within the framework of the governmental efforts being exerted to bring back the Syrians stranded abroad.

Syrian Arab Airlines started on May 4th to organize flights to bring back Syrian citizens who wish to return to Syria according to lists registered through the Foreign and Expatriate Ministry at Syrian embassies and diplomatic missions.



Syrian Expatriate Artist Wins the Competition for Designing a Monument for a Canadian Square

Syrians who live abroad are the best ambassadors as they play a vital role in conveying the true picture of their country’s civilization.

A new Syrian distinction is achieved by the Syrian artist, who resides in Canada, Randa Hijazi, for she won a competition to design a monument belonging to the Destrict U-1 International Lions Clubs Association.

The competition was announced on July 2020 and the design will be placed in a square of Canada's public squares.

Hijazi indicated in a statement to SANA that the winning design is a mixture of ideas and lines in a distinctive way that reflects Syrian deep-rooted cultural and artistic heritage, expressing her pride in this achievement despite her short stay in Canada.

Syrian plane brings back 250 Syrians stranded in Egypt

Damascus (ST): A plane affiliated to the Syrian Arab airlines arrived in Damascus International Airport with 250 Syrians on board  coming from Egypt within the framework of the government efforts to bring back the Syrians stranded abroad.

Upon their arrival, the passengers conducted the PCR test and in light of the result of the test they will be allowed to return to their homes.

Ministry of Transport operates two flights to evacuate Syrian citizens from Egypt and Kuwait

Damascus, (ST) - The Ministry of Transport announced that it would operate two flights (Syrian Airlines) to evacuate Syrian citizens from Egypt on Thursday tomorrow and from Kuwait on  4 September to Damascus International Airport, in the light of the government efforts to return Syrians stranded abroad due to the spread of the Corona epidemic.

In a statement, that SANA received a copy of،the ministry indicated the dates of departure from Damascus International Airport and arrival at Cairo and Kuwait airports, as well as arrival dates at Damascus International Airport.

On the twenty-third of this month, the Ministry of Transport conducted a flight to transport 150 Syrian nationals in Doha, as part of the government's efforts to return Syrians stranded abroad.

Archbishop Khoury launches a global call to end the crime of the Turkish regime against the city of Hasaka

The Metropolitan of Our Lady of Paradise of the Melkite Roman Catholics in Brazil, Archbishop George Khoury, issued a worldwide call today to exert all possible efforts to end the ongoing crime committed by the Turkish regime against the city of Hasaka by cutting off water from it.

The appeal was  titled “Together for Al-Hasakah, is a global call. Save al-Hasakah.”

Metropolitan Khoury criticized the world's silence about what is happening in the city of Hasakah, asking “How long will human rights organizations remain submissive and complicit with the decisions of countries that do not know what the meaning of humanity is.”