Spanish Delegation Express Solidarity with Syrian People and Army

Spanish delegation composed of economists and journalists have expressed their solidarity with Syrian people and army in confronting the fiercest terror attack in contemporary history against a civilized state such as Syria.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the delegation visited the Syrian embassy in Madrid and condemned the foreign-backed terror organizations' crimes against civilians.

Syrian Students, Community in Russia Mark Martyrs’ Day

The Branch of the Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States held Sunday a solidarity activity near the tomb of Unknown Soldier at Kremlin Palace in Moscow in order to mark Martyrs’ Day.

The participating Syrian students expressed their pride at sacrifices that have been offered by martyrs since the Ottoman occupation. They laid flowers on the tomb and praised the strong friendship between Syrian and the Russian peoples.

Cuban, Foreign and Arab Students Sign Petition in Solidarity with Syria

Cuban, Foreign and Arab students in Cuban universities have signed a petition in solidarity with Syria, stressing their support for it in fighting terrorism.

The signing ceremony was held after a solidarity stand organized Thursday by Syrian Students National Union (SSNU) in coordination with Students Union in Havana University and Syrian Embassy in Cuba, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The agency quoted  representative of Cuban Students National Union Miguel Hernander as saying during the stand: "Cuban, Arab and Foreign students in Cuban university stand by Syrian people, army and leadership in confronting the aggressive war being waged on Syria."

Argentine, Cuban Delegation Express Solidarity with Syria

A delegation representing several media outlets and Non-Governmental Organizations in Argentina and Cuba have affirmed their support for Syrian people in confronting the terrorist war being waged against them.

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the delegation visited on Monday the Syrian Embassy in Havana and voiced their support for the steadfast Syrian people in the face of war.

Editor-in-Chief of Resumen newspaper in Argentina Carlos Aznárez described what is going on in Syria as a 'direct and indirect aggression by imperialism and its allies', asserting that this fact is no longer a secret to anyone.

Syrian Students in Slovakia Call on World Trade Unions to Support Syrian People in Fighting Terrorism

On the occasion of International Workers' Day, Syrian students in Slovakia have called on countries supporting terrorism to stop their support for terrorist groups and to lift unilateral economic measures adopted against Syrian people.

The students said in a statement released Sunday that world and Arab Trade Unions must adopt suitable measures to support Syrian people in their war against terrorism.

They pointed out that Syrian workers play key role in enhancing Syria's steadfastness and confronting foreign intervention in their countries' internal affairs.