The Syrian community in Egypt honors outstanding students of the Public Secondary school

The Board of Directors of the Syrian Community in Egypt held a ceremony on Saturday  to honor the outstanding  Syrian  students of the Secondary  School stage in Egypt, with the participation of Chargé d'Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo, Dr. Bassam Darwish.

During the ceremony which was held at the headquarters of the Syrian Community Association in Cairo, certificates of honor with symbolic gifts were distributed to twenty-nine students who had excelled and obtained high grades at the secondary school certificate in Egypt.


In a speech delivered during the honoring ceremony,  the Chargé d'Affairs of the Syrian Embassy in Cairo underlined the importance of the distinction and excellence of Syrian students studying in Egypt and of this honor as it constitutes an honorable model for the homeland. He added that Syrian students abroad are the best ambassadors for the country with their knowledge and superiority regardless of the pressures, plots and the Coronavirus pandemic which did not prevent them from excelling .

In turn, the embassy’s cultural advisor, Saud Abbas, highlighted the importance of the excellence of Syrian students abroad and their role in rebuilding and reconstruction in their motherland, Syria, stressing that the honor will remain a recurring annual event.


Basil Samakiah, head of the Syrian community in Cairo, said that "the excellence of Syrian students is a victory over all the circumstances that worked to hinder them, and a confirmation to everyone that Syria is the country of knowledge."

Fahad Jabrini, an advisor to the head of the community, said that the community will follow up and support outstanding Syrian students until they obtain the highest diplomas.


Inas Abdulkareem