Syrian plane brings back 194 Syrians from Iraq

Damascus (ST): The Ministry of Transport said that a Syrian plane with 194 passengers on board arrived at Damascus International Airport coming from Baghdad within the framework of the efforts being exerted by the Syrian government to bring back the Syrians stranded abroad as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Syria’s ambassador to Iraq Sattam Jada’an al-Dandah said that this flight came within the framework of the government’s effort to bring back the Syrians stranded abroad, noting that the Iraqi side has shown great cooperation to make the flight a success.

The Ministry of Interior has recently called upon the Syrian citizens who are willing to return to Syria to contact the Syrian embassies in Cairo, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, al-Manama, Khartoum, Moscow, Algiers and Baghdad to submit a request to return to the homeland in order to prepare a program for the Syrian Airlines flights within the framework of the governmental efforts for the return of the Syrian citizens stranded abroad.

Since May 4th, the Syrian Airlines have started to run flights to bring back Syrian citizens who are stranded abroad according to lists registered by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry through the embassies and the diplomatic missions.