Syrian plane with 257 Syrians on board arrives in Damascus coming from Kuwait

Damascus, (ST): A passenger plane affiliated to the Syrian Arab Airlines arrived in Damascus this afternoon with 257 Syrians on board coming from Kuwait within the framework of the government’s efforts to bring back the Syrian citizens stranded abroad according to a statement by the Transport Ministry. 

Last August 27th, a Syrian airlines plane with 250 Syrian citizens arrived at Damascus International Airport coming from Egypt as part of the governmental efforts to bring back Syrians living abroad.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry called on Syrian citizens who wish to return to Syria to contact Syrian embassies in Cairo, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Khartoum, Manama, Moscow, Algeria, and Baghdad to submit applications to return to Syria, and the specialized government team can prepare a program for Syrian Airlines flights . 

Last May 4th, the Syrian Airlines started to dedicate flights to bring back Syrian citizens who are willing to return to Syria from different countries of the world according to lists registered through the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry.