Syrian Expatriate Artist Wins the Competition for Designing a Monument for a Canadian Square

Syrians who live abroad are the best ambassadors as they play a vital role in conveying the true picture of their country’s civilization.

A new Syrian distinction is achieved by the Syrian artist, who resides in Canada, Randa Hijazi, for she won a competition to design a monument belonging to the Destrict U-1 International Lions Clubs Association.

The competition was announced on July 2020 and the design will be placed in a square of Canada's public squares.

Hijazi indicated in a statement to SANA that the winning design is a mixture of ideas and lines in a distinctive way that reflects Syrian deep-rooted cultural and artistic heritage, expressing her pride in this achievement despite her short stay in Canada.


 She emphasized that in light of the terrorist war that Syria is exposed to and the attempts to distort the real picture of what is happening in Syria, we must spread Syria’s culture and creativity around the world through arts and sciences.

"I am not the only Syrian artist who has achieved success in the expatriate. Any Syrian artist is able to prove his art, creativity and distinction wherever he is" Hijazi added.

Hijazi believes that plastic art is an elitist, silent art which is the outcome of the artist's cumulative culture and experience, as it does not depend on eyesight as much as it depends on insight, so art is an ambassador of affection and a messenger of peace.

 "I am proud to be a Syrian, the daughter of Damascus, the city which has given me civilized and cultural legacies that make my artistic life a special case from which I inspire my works and paintings” she concluded .

It is noteworthy that the artist Hijazi is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Visual Communications and a graduate of the Faculty of Media at Damascus University.

She presented her new artistic experience in an exhibition entitled “The Pomegranate Seeds” in Laval, Quebec, Canada. The exhibition showcased 13 acrylic paintings through which the artist embodied the worlds of woman and her relationship with her body, man and life..

Rawaa Ghanam