Syrian students and community in Cuba: Syria will achieve victory in its war on terrorism

The Syrian students studying in Cuba and members of the community there renewed their support for their motherland, Syria, in the face of the aggression and the fierce terrorist war that was imposed on it and that aimed to divert it from the path of confronting the Zionist enemy.

In a statement marking the 75th anniversary of the 8th of March revolution, students and community members stressed that the Syrian Arab Army is able to confront the projects of domination and colonialism and to fight and eliminate the forces of extremism and terrorism.

 They expressed their confidence and their full belief in Syria's victory over terrorism thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and army.

The statement pointed out that Syria has been able during the past decades to confront and thwart  the plans of the enemies, and today it is following the march of victory with full force and determination.

Inas Abdulkareem