Syrian students in Egypt condemn the Turkish aggression on Syrian territories

CAIRO, (ST)- Syrian students in Egypt have condemned in the strongest terms the Turkish regime's support for terrorist organizations in Syria and its barbaric aggression on Syrian territories that constitutes a flagrant violation of all international laws and conventions.

"We call on the international community with all its institutions to adopt deterrent procedures against the systematic attacks of the Turkish regime and its terrorist tools which are disseminating chaos and extremism wherever they are," the students said in a statement issued by the Students' Unions in Egypt.

The statement reiterated Syria's legitimate right to defend its territorial integrity and liberate the Syrian soil from aggressors and terrorists by all possible means.

 The students, who voiced their loyalty to the homeland, renewed their strong support for the Syrian Arab army who is confronting the cowardly attacks of the Turkish regime forces and its terrorist tools, expressing their confidence that Syria will triumph over the forces of takfiri terrorism.

Hamda Mustafa