Syrian students abroad can play key role in Syria’s reconstruction process: NUSS Chairman

PRAGUE, (ST)- Chairman of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) Ammar Sa’ati highlighted the important role that can played by the Syrian students abroad in reconstructing what terrorism has destroyed in Syria.

Sa’ati’s remarks came during a meeting with the Syrian students in the Czech capital Prague held within the framework of the current preparations for holding the 15th conference of NUSS scheduled to be held in March to discuss key students issues.

The NUSS’s chairman talked about the victories achieved by the Syrian army over terrorism in Aleppo, saying that these gains carry political, military and economic meanings that smashed the dreams of the Turkish regime which continues to support terrorists in the north of Syria.

 He added that Syria’s enemies have practiced harsh economic pressure against the Syrian people in an attempt to weaken their determination, believing that they can take by economic pressure what they couldn’t take by war.

He hailed Syria’s allies’ role in backing the Syrian people’s battle against terrorism and criticized the negative role that has been played by some western and regional countries to hinder political settlement in Syria.

Hamda Mustafa