Aleppo victory achieved thanks to the determination of the Syrian state and people

Hussein Dawood, Syrian expatriate in Sweden and Founding member of the Syrian Cultural Center in Sweden, told Syria Times newspaper that the strategic victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army in Aleppo and Idleb have foiled the difficult chapter of the conspiracy hatched against Syria. 

 Syrian Arab Army units last Friday completed the process of securing Aleppo-Damascus International Highway after liberating the areas in the vicinity of the highway and driving terrorist groups out of them.

This achievement coincided with the liberation of hundreds of areas on the both sides of the aforementioned road, as well as areas in the Aleppo countryside.

"Now, Aleppo is secured from terrorist attack and the people feel safe," Dawood added, affirming that the victory of Aleppo was achieved thanks to the determination of the Syrian state and people. 

He indicated that the efforts will be continued in all fields to liberate every occupied area in Syria.

Hussein Dawood expressed appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian people and their brave army for liberating the entirety of Aleppo city and its suburbs after years of steadfastness in the face of foreign-backed terrorism.

He concluded by saying that the new victory achieved by the Syrian army and people is a strong blow to the plots that target Syria.

Interviewed by: Haifaa Mafalani