Syrian Communities in USA, Hungary : Army is Country 's guarantor

"CAPITALS,(ST)_ Marking the 67th anniversary  of Syria 's Independence , the  Syrian community in the USA,   in cooperation with the Syrian- American Club  of  Pennsylvania branch  and the Syrian Amari Club  in  New Town  city held huge celebrations during which the Syrian  flag was hoisted under  the slogan :" " This is my flag", voicing  solidarity with their motherland Syria against foreign conspiracies.

The participants stressed that the Syrian people support for their army against conspiracies being hatched against Syria  is the best response to terrorism and its supporters and that the brave Syrian army is the only guarantor of Syria 's  security and stability.

Marking the same glorious event, the Syrian Club  and Syrian Community in Hungary, including  doctors, engineers, businessmen and students highlighted the  ' Evacuation anniversary" as an occasion to voice commitment to national values and principles. 

In a statement, the participants in the celebrations, deplored the  brutality of French colonialism of the past and the current  terrorist onslaught,  supported mainly by Qatar, Turkey, US  and the West against Syria.

The statement paid high tribute to the great sacrifices of makers of the Syrian Independence: Youssef al-Azmeh, Sultan Basha al-Atrash, Saleh al-Ali and Ibrahim Hanano and other Syrian revolutionaries who sacrificed themselves for Syria 's freedom  and  became a school in the struggle resistance and in  teaching  successive generations that " freedom is taken not given. "

The statement praised the role of the Syrian Army in maintaining the country 's security against armed terrorist gangs and the  support given by  Russian Federation, China and Iran and the BRICS group to Syria 's rights.


T. Fateh