Syrian expatriates express solidarity with homeland

CAPITALS,(ST)_Syrian communities and students in Cuba, France and Russia have expressed solidarity with their homeland on the anniversary of Independence Day.

They issued statements on this occasion, stressing their support for the Syrian leadership and the political plan outlined by president Bashar al-Assad to resolve the crisis in the country, according to SANA.

The Syrian community and student in Cuba said in their statement: "the states that conspire against Syria have brought a group, which is killing Syrians and destroying what they have built over the past decades."

They wish restoration of stability and security to homeland.

While, the statement issued by the Syrian community and student in France read:" the 67th anniversary of Independence Day brings back memories of great sacrifices offered by Syrian real freedom fighters then."

They hailed the Syrian Arab Army's scarifies being offered to defend the homeland's sovereignty.

In Russia, the Syrian community and student said they are proud of wise leadership of President Bashar al-Assad in the current circumstances.

They confirmed their determination to exert every possible effort to defend the homeland.

B. Qaddour