Syrian expatriates in Romania deliver thank-you message to Russia

A delegation representing Syrian community and national institutions has visited Russian embassy in Romania to express their appreciation for supportive stance of Moscow towards Syria in fighting terrorism over the past years in order to preserve the country's sovereignty and unity.

The delegation's members delivered a message of appreciation and thanks to the Russian Ambassador Valori Cosmin.

"We came to the Russian embassy in Bucharest to express to the Russian political and military leaderships and to President Vladimir Putin the appreciation of the Syria community and national institutions in Romania for your country's supportive stances to Syria in fighting terrorism," the delegation said in the message.

 It referred to the Russian airstrikes that helped Syrian people restore hope and led to achieving victory over systematic terrorism against their homeland.

The delegation also stressed that Syrian army's achievements in Aleppo is a conclusive evidence of realizing victory over terrorism in all areas in Syria.

On his part, the Russian ambassador said that some western and Arab media outlets circulate fake and fabricated news about operations being carried out by Russian and Syrian armies in Syria.

His remark was made during a press conference he held during the visit of the Syrian expatriates' delegation to the embassy.

Photos and films showing how terrorist organizations and their supporters distort events taking place in Syria were displayed during the press conference, according to  the official news agency (SANA).

The agency clarified that the national institutions in Romania are Syria Expatriates and Businessmen Association, Syrian Physicians Association, Syrian-Romanian Friendship Association, Syrian Chamber of Commerce, the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) and the Arab Tishreen School.

Basma Qaddour