Syrian expatriate gives lecture in Germany about war on Syria

The Syrian expatriate Pierre Elia Bazzigave Wednesday a lecture in Frankfort city in Germany about reasons and dimensions of the war on Syria.

The lecture entitled 'Syria in the eyes of the west ' focused on co-existence between components of the Syrian community  before and after the crisis, which started in 2011.

It also dealt with Syria's support for the Palestinian cause and its sovereignty.

"Syria is the only Arab country that defends the Palestinian cause and supports it by all means . It has protected sovereignty and independence of its national decision. It has not allowed big gas and oil companies to use its wealth as weapon against region's peoples," the lecturer said.

 He added that Syria's steadfastness over the past six years is an example of peoples' defense of their rights and existence. "Syria has produced science, culture and civilization ever since. And Syrians have contributed  to make civilization in east and west and they provided Arab countries with scientific experiences," the expatriate clarified.

His lecture was given in the hall of the Committee of Solidarity with Syria, which was founded in 2012 to integrate Syrian community in Germany with German society and to reject war on Syria and the imperialist intervention in its affairs.


Basma Qaddour